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August 10, 2015

What's in a Name?

A lot of thought and care, that's what, Juliet. Maybe a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, but it might be quite a bit less appealing if it were named, say, a wart bud or a booger bulb. So excuse me for being a little preoccupied with the naming of my child.

I have never in my life known so many women to be pregnant. At first I thought my noticing of this abundance of procreation was because I myself was pregnant. But nay, non-pregnants have noted this surplus of reproduction as well.

It seems like every other day there's a pregnancy announcement on Facebook. I suppose it makes sense, considering my contemporaries and I are all of prime baby-making age.

But with this wave o' babies...

...comes a wave o' new baby names.

I don't know about you other expectant mothers, but I'm probably a little too concerned about the originality of my baby names; therefore, whenever there's a new birth announcement on Facebook, I go into a hyperventilating panic out of fear that someone will have stolen used my chosen name.

Oh mercy, here comes another announcement.
Yes, Eric and I already have our baby boy's name picked out.

And as I said earlier, a lot of thought and care has gone into it. I don't know how people can stand not having their name picked out by the time the baby is born. That is just not mine and Eric's style at all. 

In fact, we already have four names (two boy names, two girl names) solidly locked in on the baby names list. And this first little boy's name is perhaps my favorite. I'd say it is by far the least used of the four names, which makes me love it even more, but which also adds to the anxiety of someone using it before I can get to it. 

But I refuse to tell people the name for a few reasons:

1. If I tell people the name, it might get around and be used by someone(s), just like George's "Seven".

2. Lots of people seem to think they have a say in baby names and freely offer their opinions and critiques on them. And I just really don't care about those opinions and critiques. 

3. I like when the announcements of baby names are a surprise. 

4. It's frankly no one's business until we want to announce it.

But considering I have a conniption fit every time there's a new baby name on Facebook, I figure I need some insurance so that people know this was always the name we had in mind. 

Because if someone steals uses our name, including celebrities, I'm still using this name, gosh darnit; and I want everyone to know that we aren't being copycats. 

So as insurance, I'm going to provide several clues about the name, but don't try guessing it because I won't confirm if you're right or wrong:

1. The combination of first and middle name pay homage to some of my favorite people. 
2. The name's origin is Scottish.
3. The name was only used once in Alberta between 2010 and 2014.
4. It's definitely a real name -- not made up; it's just gone out of style over the years.

So in closing, don't any of you preggos steal use my name, which you don't even know. But still, just don't.

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