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May 20, 2014


You may have gathered that I'm horribly amused by GIFs. It's a way for me to give you a peek into my brain because it is literally how I think -- in images, references, and allusions, as well as a dash of hyperbole. I love when a GIF perfectly encapsulates a thought or feeling. As I enjoy relatable GIF posts, I thought I'd try one of my own. Enjoy!

My perception of the reason behind my not having any suitors in high school:

Attempting to open and close doors while juggling multiple grocery bags and precious cargo (i.e. ice cream cone):

My reaction to the "Don't Put It In Your Mouth" commercial:

When I eat anything remotely spicy:

When I need to take my contacts out before going to bed:

Watching the first 10 minutes of Up:

When retail workers won't leave me alone in clothing stores:

9 a.m. church:

When thick-accented people work at fast food restaurants:

When I look my symptoms up online:

First check from my adult career:

Seeing someone in public that I know but don't want to small talk with:

The husband's and my feelings about staying in on a Saturday night:

Fast Sundays:

When someone insults a fandom I love:

Trying to get clothes from the obnoxiously high hangers in retail stores:

When it's testimony meeting and someone walks up to the pulpit at five after:

What my brain did after my math 30 final:

When someone says "YOLO":

When trying to convince myself that I'll have fun at a social gathering:

When I put my hair up to brush my teeth:
When I put my hair up to go out:

How my days off go:

When someone I don't like tries to give me advice:

When I moved away from my parents:

My irrational feelings when that time of the month rolls around:

When the dental hygienist asks how often I floss:


  1. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have tears rolling down my face from laughter! Your GIFs are perfect. I have a huge collection of them for my IM at work (including the snuggie one) and have in fact conducted full conversations with co-workers without actually typing anything ... just sent GIFs back and forth. This is the exact reason why my funny board is so huge on Pinterest. There are just so many memes and ecards that express perfectly how I feel about life.
    Your #1 Fan :D

  2. This is brilliant.
    PS you will totally love this blog, it's the same concept: