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May 20, 2014


You may have gathered that I'm horribly amused by GIFs. It's a way for me to give you a peek into my brain because it is literally how I think -- in images, references, and allusions, as well as a dash of hyperbole. I love when a GIF perfectly encapsulates a thought or feeling. As I enjoy relatable GIF posts, I thought I'd try one of my own. Enjoy!

My perception of the reason behind my not having any suitors in high school:

Attempting to open and close doors while juggling multiple grocery bags and precious cargo (i.e. ice cream cone):

My reaction to the "Don't Put It In Your Mouth" commercial:

When I eat anything remotely spicy:

When I need to take my contacts out before going to bed:

Watching the first 10 minutes of Up:

When retail workers won't leave me alone in clothing stores:

9 a.m. church:

When thick-accented people work at fast food restaurants:

When I look my symptoms up online:

First check from my adult career:

Seeing someone in public that I know but don't want to small talk with:

The husband's and my feelings about staying in on a Saturday night:

Fast Sundays:

When someone insults a fandom I love:

Trying to get clothes from the obnoxiously high hangers in retail stores:

When it's testimony meeting and someone walks up to the pulpit at five after:

What my brain did after my math 30 final:

When someone says "YOLO":

When trying to convince myself that I'll have fun at a social gathering:

When I put my hair up to brush my teeth:
When I put my hair up to go out:

How my days off go:

When someone I don't like tries to give me advice:

When I moved away from my parents:

My irrational feelings when that time of the month rolls around:

When the dental hygienist asks how often I floss: