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October 22, 2013

Hassan Chop!

I'm going to blog about Disney World soon, but I wanted to do this blog post first as it precedes the Disney World trip.

Now, what's "Hassan chop", you non-Bugs-Bunny fans ask? Well, let me show you:


Now, what does this have to do with anything? Well, let's say it's an analogy, which, as we know from Community and Britta, is a thought with another thought's hat on. In this analogy, we will say Daffy Duck represents my long hair and Hassan represents my fading resolve.

Yes, that's right. I "Hassan chopped" my hair! Huzzah!

I took this picture the day I cut it, way back on September 30th. I also waxed my legs with Candace that day, which is always an hilarious affair. So that day was really just a barrage on my hair.

This cut wasn't on a whim. I had been resolved to the idea of cutting it for a good month before I actually did. The seed had really been planted back in the spring when I saw The Great Gatsby, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it's probably not for everyone. I couldn't stand seeing all the fantastic bobbed hair in that movie. I was positively green with envy.

Besides loving short hair and being incredibly envious of girls with short hair, which would often result in me glaring at short-haired girls in public, there were a few other reasons I decided to cut it:
  1. I had grown my hair for over a year, to the point where it would definitely be considered "long hair", not just "medium-length". I had it for a long enough time to get a feel for it, and although it was pretty (sometimes), I still felt short hair suited me better.
  2. Showers had become a huge chore. How can that much hair come off my head and I not be bald? One of the great mysteries of the universe. My poor drain.
  3. Drying and styling my hair took forever, and brushing it became an act of torture. My hair is very thick with natural wave. So if I don't do something with it after I shower, it can be a little wild. And yes, I could just put it in an updo of some kind, but...
  4. ... headaches! If I have my hair up for a while, even if it's not that tight, it gives me a headache. And if I wear it down, it gets in the way and is annoying. Can't win.
  5. Eric plays with my hair when we're lying around, but I don't think he, as a male, understands how to treat snarls. You have to treat the snarls real nice-like; otherwise, they become vengeful and take it out on me. When I have short hair, the snarls are basically none existent.  
  6. I want to grow my bangs out and get rid of the last remnants of red dye so that it will be back to my natural color. I did really like the red, but I don't like the upkeep and I'm quite happy with my own color, which does actually have a little red in it. 
  7. Bacne! Ugh, I'm almost certain that the combination of long hair and low-backed undergarments has lead to bacne; the zits seemed to end where the undergarments began. Even when I had acne as a pubescent teen, I never had bacne. It's like connect the dots back there! And I'm sorry if you're grossed out by this, but with that comparison, I couldn't resist seeing if an image could be found in my bacne.
Ta da!

It's a skunk! To be fair to my bacne, some of that mess is freckles.

My poor back. These pictures were taken a couple months ago. Since then I've been using an exfoliant and some other concoction for acne. So that, plus cutting my hair, seems to have made my back much better. Still, though, if anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Now for some before and after pictures.

Here we have a nice, greasy ponytail. You can kind of see how the hair in the ponytail is more red then my natural color. Luckily, though, my natural color wasn't that far off from the red and they blended decently well.
Historically, I have typically shied away from fads, but ironically enough, my hair started looking a little like "ombre" hair. Completely unintentional. If you don't know what "ombre" is, go on Pinterest and you'll most likely be bombarded by images of all manner of ombre things because EVERYTHING these days has to be ombre! Oi, give it a rest.

This is either air-dried or partially blow-dried hair.

And the back.

All made up and curled for the primary presentation!

And the back. This was the day before I cut it. So I had to do something nice to it and go out with a bang. And yes, long wavy hair, so pretty, why would you cut your hair, blah, blah, blah. I would cut my hair because the time it takes to make my hair look like this, and the burns I inevitably get from my curling iron, is in no way worth it.

The day I got it cut. The stylist did it very curly, which I enjoyed because I felt like Shirley Temple. Good ship lolly-pop and all that jazz.

My main inspiration for the style of the cut was Ginnifer Goodwin in He's Just Not That Into You. Ginnifer Goodwin is the queen of short hair. I wouldn't say this first picture of me with short hair looks much like GG's hair, but scroll down and you'll see my hair in slightly looser curls that are a little more reminiscent of GG's hair. Ha, GG, that's funny because her character's name in H.J.N.T.I.Y is Gigi. Clever, Paige.

Short hair straightened.

Looser curls.

Abby likes the sink. Silly kitty.

View of the side and back. I actually think I'd like it to be less layered and shaped and just be big and poofy.

I'm still playing around with and getting used to the short hair. I think it will look more like GG's hair once my bangs grow out. I definitely am happy to be back to short hair, but word from the wise: Don't make a big, drastic change, like chopping off a good 10 inches of hair, right before you go on a vacation to a place with the complete opposite climate of what you're used to. I'd say I look reasonably decent in quite a few of these pictures I've posted, right? Well, keep that in mind when I do a blog post about Disney World because that heat and humidity made a mess of me, and I had no idea what to do with my hair. I gave up pretty early in. So you have pictures of a sweaty, red, splotchy, bloated, swollen, sore, freckled, frizzy-haired Paige to look forward to in the Disney World post. But that will also be an out-of-this-world happy Paige.

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  1. Mom here....well since you put it that way....... ok I guess I can live with your haircut. Yikes- I've never had backne. A pimple here and there but oh my goodness- nobody wants a squirrel on their back!!! I like it straightened! Reminiscent of the famous Paige bob of 08!