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September 20, 2013

A Very Merry Unbirthday!

It was my 24th birthday six days ago, thus rendering this day one of my 364 unbirthdays. So happy birthday to me six days ago, and happy unbirthday to me today!

It has typically been the case that I'll just tell Eric what I want for presents on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmases,

Jackie Onassis-sis-sis-sis

And he knows to always get me chocolates over flowers.


Who would want dumb old flowers when you could have chocolates!? All you can do with flowers is look at them, and they're eventually going to wilt and die anyway. My mouth appreciates chocolate so much more than my eyes appreciate flowers. 

Chocolate: Infinitely better than flowers.

Lucille gets it.

Last year I told Eric that I just wanted to go to the zoo, which was grand! I loOoOoOoOve going to zoos!


Eric caught me mid-speech here, and I think it adds a certain level of hilarity.

Us with a giraffe waaay in the distance. We have pretty good picture-taking abilities.


I could literally sit and watch meerkats for hours. If I were singing "Favorite Things" with Fraulein Maria, I would probably interject with "MEERKATS!".  "Raindrops on roses and" -- "MEERKATS AND KITTENS!"

Three tiger cubs in honor of my 23rd birthday!


We fit!

I also got DQ ice cream cake for my 23rd birthday because it is the best food item on this planet, much like this rendition of the Cookie Monster is the best on this planet. That's some good cake decorating, DQ employee.

And my 22nd birthday was the "Little Orphan Annie" kitten debacle, which was a blessing in disguise because it eventually led to me getting our fantastic Abbotsford for a very belated birthday present. A present worth waiting for.

But I decided that it was high time Eric figured something out for my birthday present on his own.

This nearly gave Eric an aneurysm.

Eric's very thoughtful, giving, kind, all that jazz; it's just that he's very under-practiced in the art of gift-giving. Everyone that he's been close to has basically always just told him what to get them for special occasions, which would be just fine, except that I love surprises!

So this year's birthday present was to be a surprise! I told Eric it didn't have to be anything big because the Disney World trip is coming up right away, but it had to be something he came up with by himself so that it was a surprise. 

The near-aneurysm continued for the entire week while Eric was trying to figure out what to get me. But he didn't disappoint. On the morning of my birthday, I woke up to him eagerly awaiting me with a gift bag.

As you might imagine, with the Disney World trip coming up, my whole world has been revolving around Disney lately... which really isn't much different than at any other time. 

Oh, Disney, how I love you.

So my presents were entirely Disney themed! Yay!

Behold, my wonderful gifts of which I love!

We have:
1. a very fuzzy, stuffed Perry the Platypus, and I love that it's the derp Perry, not Agent P. "Oh, there you         are, Perry."
2. matching WALL-E and EVE mugs, adorable level a gagillion
3. an hilarious Disney Princcess "Ultimate Song Collection" CD, to be listened to on the drive to the airport       for Disney World, naturally
4. Kingdom Hearts, one of my favorite of all video games, for Playstation 3! What a haul!

I love them so much. Eric obviously gets the WALL-E mug and I get the EVE mug, and we will use them until we die!

Side view of WALL-E.

Looking at my presents, as well as my excitement for Disney World, and, really, just my whole existence, I realize Adult-Paige is not much different from Child-Paige. I am incredibly okay with that.

So I was incredibly impressed and pleased with my presents, to say the least. They made my day, even though I did have to work that night and these guys decided to wish me happy birthday...

I love that "Oliver and Oscar Ovaries", as my mom likes to call them, have become reoccurring guests on my blog. They're like the mascots of my blog. I really can't explain why I find it so funny to personify my ovaries. I find it equally as funny to personify different parts of my innards. So the humor is not exclusive to my ovaries.

After I opened my wonderful presents, Eric and I went to a movie and lunch at Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue. It's my new favorite place to eat. Eric and I have had Brazilian Barbecue more than I'd care to say in the last couple months... At Brazilian Barbecue restaurants, "gauchos" come and serve you meat from skewers. It's basically a meal of unlimited meats (hom nom). ...Eric and I are probably going to go again tomorrow... I just can't get enough meat!

And just an update for you as I sign off on this post: 15 MORE DAYS UNTIL DISNEY WORLD!

Oh, Lucille. Your actions say more than words ever could.


  1. I am ridiculously jealous of your Wall-E and Eve mugs! And also of your awesome gifs that you add to your posts. Happy Un-Birthday :)

  2. I sure hope you spoil Eric as much as he spoils you. HEHEHE I can't believe you gave him a brain hemorrhage! It's good for him though. Apples don't fall far from the tree do they- I too like to be informative in the gift giving arena, but Dad hates that....sigh. Awesome blog!! as per usual! Did you get the card and $ we sent? so original and all.