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July 30, 2013

Blog Makeover

I spruced up the ol' blog. Yay!

One night of insomnia = pretty, new blog. I hope you all like it.

Here's a look at the old blog, lest we forget.

I wanted something a lot simpler and less busy. I'm not quite done -- I still need to complete the "about" page and "contact" page, and there's some other things to fine tune -- but this is essentially the finished look. Hopefully I'm satisfied with this look for awhile because, holy moly, creating blog elements yourself and playing around with html code can be pretty challenging.

I also decided to change my title and url.  Lots of people seem to have some sort of clever title for their blog; therefore, "The Fizzells" seemed a little obvious and boring. I played around with different title ideas, and "Freckles and Fizz" just seemed to fit. Firstly, "freckles" represents me and "fizz" represents Eric; secondly, I feel the phrase "freckles and fizz" is like an idiom that somehow explains me. Something along the lines of "piss and vinegar", or "pep and vinegar" if you'd rather.  Freckles = small, cute, exuberant; fizz = spirited, spunky, candid. And I'm so modest too.

So you can't get to my blog with "" anymore; you'll have to use "". My apologies for the inconveniences this may pose.

The yellow flowers on the page bar, favicon, and blog post titles are my favorite of all flowers, again, because I feel like they're very "me". They're "Craspedia", commonly known as "Billy Buttons". I had them for my wedding bouquet.

I love not having the orange blogger favicon (little icon on the internet tab) anymore. It's such a small detail, but I love that it's now personalized. 

I'm also much happier with the "comments" setup. I think it looks much better, and now there is the "reply" option. I'm not entirely sure how it works -- if it informs the person being replied to by e-mail or anything, but I'm hoping it does something like that. I like to reply to comments, but with the way it was set up before, no one would know that I replied to them.

The first picture on the sidebar isn't very recent, but it highlights my freckles. So it seemed fitting. It's from mine and Eric's engagement photo shoot with the very talented Rhonda Steed back in July 2010. The second picture, also taken by the lovely Rhonda, is from mine and Eric's temple sealing (huzzah!) October 2012.

And there you have it: my new blog look.

P.S. Thank you to Kristen for referring me to some excellent blog tutorials!


  1. no anonymous- mom- oh snap now I have to re learn how to do everything- I did get your old address deleted and the new one on my desk top thingy but I can't get it to let me comment under my google account. sigh- LOVE THE NEW NAME!!! I shall be calling Eric Fizz hence forth and forthwith!

    1. I'll say you need to relearn everything -- you haven't blogged in forever!

      I'm glad you approve of the name. It seemed to fit.

  2. Yes Paige, your new blog is just "top drawer". I applaud you.

    1. Why thank you! And excellent use of the phrase "top drawer". I applaud YOU!

  3. LOVE it!!! teach me how to do mine???

    1. Thanks, Jennie!
      I started off by using one of the blogger simple templates so that I would have a simple base, and then I just fine tuned from there. This girl (Rylee Blake) has done some cute blogs. So I looked at her portfolio and other blogs for inspiration:
      She also had a few helpful tutorials:
      Other than that, I would just Google search what I was wanting to change on my blog until I got something relevant.

      P.S. That octopus cake you made was adorable!

  4. Well I suppose this explains why I couldn't get to your old blog when I was trying the other day ... thank Goodness you shared on Facebook! Looks lovely :)

    1. Well, I'm glad you found it! And thank-ya!