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July 30, 2013

Blog Makeover

I spruced up the ol' blog. Yay!

One night of insomnia = pretty, new blog. I hope you all like it.

Here's a look at the old blog, lest we forget.

I wanted something a lot simpler and less busy. I'm not quite done -- I still need to complete the "about" page and "contact" page, and there's some other things to fine tune -- but this is essentially the finished look. Hopefully I'm satisfied with this look for awhile because, holy moly, creating blog elements yourself and playing around with html code can be pretty challenging.

I also decided to change my title and url.  Lots of people seem to have some sort of clever title for their blog; therefore, "The Fizzells" seemed a little obvious and boring. I played around with different title ideas, and "Freckles and Fizz" just seemed to fit. Firstly, "freckles" represents me and "fizz" represents Eric; secondly, I feel the phrase "freckles and fizz" is like an idiom that somehow explains me. Something along the lines of "piss and vinegar", or "pep and vinegar" if you'd rather.  Freckles = small, cute, exuberant; fizz = spirited, spunky, candid. And I'm so modest too.

So you can't get to my blog with "" anymore; you'll have to use "". My apologies for the inconveniences this may pose.

The yellow flowers on the page bar, favicon, and blog post titles are my favorite of all flowers, again, because I feel like they're very "me". They're "Craspedia", commonly known as "Billy Buttons". I had them for my wedding bouquet.

I love not having the orange blogger favicon (little icon on the internet tab) anymore. It's such a small detail, but I love that it's now personalized. 

I'm also much happier with the "comments" setup. I think it looks much better, and now there is the "reply" option. I'm not entirely sure how it works -- if it informs the person being replied to by e-mail or anything, but I'm hoping it does something like that. I like to reply to comments, but with the way it was set up before, no one would know that I replied to them.

The first picture on the sidebar isn't very recent, but it highlights my freckles. So it seemed fitting. It's from mine and Eric's engagement photo shoot with the very talented Rhonda Steed back in July 2010. The second picture, also taken by the lovely Rhonda, is from mine and Eric's temple sealing (huzzah!) October 2012.

And there you have it: my new blog look.

P.S. Thank you to Kristen for referring me to some excellent blog tutorials!

July 26, 2013

Royal Craze

Wow! Posting again after only 11 days! Look at me!

Oh, you're too kind, celebrities. You people out there, you're the stars!

I was compelled to blog in honor of His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge!


Although I have an affinity for sarcasm, I am being completely sincere when I say that I am really excited about the birth of Prince William and Kate's baby boy!

I'm sure some of you share my excitement, but I'm sure that many of you are wondering what the big deal is. Cool, she had a baby. Millions of women do it every day.

Firstly, let's not get complacent about the miracle that is child birth. When one considers all of the possibilities for error in the entire baby-making process, it's pretty mind-boggling.

In all honesty, though, I'm sure that a few years ago I would have shared the opinion of "what's the big deal". That is, until I did what I consider to be the most hilarious school project of my life.

It was during my second year in the Captioning and Court Reporting program at NAIT. We were split into groups and assigned the task of selecting a current events topic to research and then report on to the rest of the class.

We typically never had to do group work in our program. This project is one of the few instances I can recall where we were required to do group work. If you are anti-social, preferring little to no interactions, and you think you would enjoy sitting in a cone of concentration while moving nothing but your fingers, this is the career for you! It suits me pretty perfectly.

I honestly cannot remember what the nonsensical reasoning was behind how this particular project applied to our program and further development in any way. I think there was some far-fetched claim that, in regards to the captioning component of our program, we needed to be up to date on current events. Which I suppose is true considering a certain captioner only recently discovered that he or she had been typing Anthony "Wiener" when it is actually spelled "Weiner". Ahem. Personally, I think that particular captioner just has a very witty sense of humor and thought "Wiener" was more apropo.

Side note: For whoever is following the Anthony Weiner news: "Carlos Danger" as a pseudonym? One of the funniest things I've ever captioned. I couldn't help but think of the scene from Freaks and Geeks where Daniel bestows his Dungeons and Dragons Dwarf with the name "Carlos".

Back to the project: All of the groups seemed to be picking morose, depressing news events for their projects, things like The War in Afghanistan, the Mayerthorpe tragedy, or the man who killed a police officer with a stolen snowplow. But during this time, we were only a few months away from Will and Kate's big day! So my group decided to think out of the box and report on something happy! The Royal wedding was to be that happy topic!

We were encouraged to come up with original ways to present our topics to the class. Given that the wedding was just around the corner, we figured that a wedding slideshow would be very fitting, and ridiculously hilarious. You know, the cheesy kind that have lovey-dovey music playing, they start out with the girl's baby pictures, moving up through her childhood to adolescence, then doing the same with the boy until the slideshow converges where both the girl and boy have met and now we see pictures of them being all mushy together. Very lovely.

My group and I became the biggest creepers.

We were creepier than the real Royal wedding creepers. We looked at countless pictures to pick the perfect ones for our slideshow. We scoured the internet for every bit of information we could find on Kate and Will.

I was also tasked with researching the British Royals in general to explain their purpose. It's essentially to be delightful and make us all feel better. So to those naysayers who ask why there needs to be a British monarchy, my response would be:

Because it's fun!

Well, to make a long story short...

Our project was amazing, the slideshow was spectacular, we presented it to the class and received much praise and boisterous ovations (probably), we got an excellent mark, and now I love the British Royal family. Also, whenever I hear the song "Rhythm of Love" by the Plain White T's, our chosen song for the slideshow, I now, and will forever more, think of Will and Kate.

And that is the most hilarious, random project I've ever done for school. If I had a copy of the slideshow, I'd post it for you, but alas, I do not have it. Perhaps I can scrounge it up from a group member.

So the reason I'm so excited about Prince George is because I became very close with the Royal family, especially Will and Kate, and after making them a slideshow for their wedding, I'm essentially family now. Anytime you want to invite me over to live in one of your palaces will be fine, Royal family. Thanks.

And now I'm on a Royals-themed movie kick. I watched a Princess Diana documentary a couple nights ago, I watched The King's Speech yesterday, and some of the other movies I'm considering are The Queen, Young Victoria, Elizabeth (1 and 2), Lady Jane, Mrs. Brown, The Other Boleyn Girl ... just to name a few. Because, you know, I have oodles of time on my hands.

I love my themed movie phases. For example, I usually do a Celtic one around St. Patrick's day (Darby O'Gill and the Little People, Waking Ned Devine, Far and Away, etc...), Disney-themed phases happen all the time, different period dramas, certain actors or directors, etc... Sometimes these themed movie phases can have a darker side to them, though, like the time Eric and I had a horror-themed movie phase around Halloween a few years ago and scared ourselves senseless. The horror.

But, as always, I digress, and that's another story for another time anyway.

So in closing, congratulations to Will and Kate on the arrival of their little prince. And yes, I was one of those crazies that got up early to watch the Royal Wedding coverage.

Much love,

Essentially One of the Family

July 15, 2013


All right, enough of these shenanigans with the blog hiatus. It's been so long since I've last blogged that I fear the blogging police will rescind my blog (that's a thing, right?).

I've begun to miss my recreational blogging. Oftentimes when I've been reading other people's blogs, strangers' or friends', I start to get envious of their fun blogs, then I remember I have a blog and I'm being completely irrational.

Part of the problem is that I am having a blog identity crisis. When I started my blog, the main reasons behind it were to keep my family and friends informed on how Eric and I (and Abby) --

--were fairing in Vancouver (poorly) and to make an attempt at documenting our lives. Well, we're no longer in Vanpoover (praises be).

And it turns out that Eric and I are charmingly uninteresting. So now I need to reevaluate the existence and meaning of my blog. Very existential.

If I'm not really writing to keep family and friends up to date on our lives, what should I write about? Well, I don't really want to continue trying to do a journal-esque documenting of my life because, as we've all witnessed, it hasn't gone too swimmingly thus far. The pressure of constantly updating on my life is too much! I have far too great of an attention problem to have to stick to a linear timeline. Attention span of a gnat, this one.

So maybe from now on I'll attempt more of a random smattering of shorter blog posts or something. Who knows. I don't want to make any promises about the frequency of my posts because it clearly hasn't worked in the past and it's added pressure. Ah! Pressure!

I also really don't care for the look of my blog. Hopefully I'll get around to remedying that at some point and then this comment will be irrelevant.
(Edit: revamped the blog and am satisfied with it ... for now)

And let's not kid -- another huge reason I haven't been blogging is because I've been insanely busy. I don't know where the last seven months have gone!

So in summation, I am going to be attempting a bit of an overhaul on the blog, both in appearance and substance. Hopefully this will re-motivate me and rekindle a fondness for my blog.

And in an effort to not wear myself out on my first blog post in a good while, I shall resist my usual habit of overdoing it with the length of my blog posts and sign off now before I get carried away. Hopefully this will translate to more frequent blog posts because, I know, you've all missed me terribly!