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December 14, 2012

Seattle Trip #2

My goodness! I don't know why I've had such an aversion to blogging lately. Well, yes, actually, I do know why I haven't blogged for the last couple of months -- I've been outrageously busy:  Trip to Denver for caption training, starting captioning, trip to Salt Lake City, two church callings (primary secretary, primary chorister), and being involved in three different church Christmas parties (primary, relief society, and ward). Eric, who is a convert and had never been to a ward Christmas party, was in charge of the entire ward party! And he (and all those who helped) did a wonderful job.What a trooper he is! I cooked 20 pounds of potatoes for the party. My kitchen was comically messy afterwards. Another story for another time.

So yeah, I've been really busy lately, and blogging was the last thing on my mind. In fact, the only reason I'm doing it right now is because these guys are here for a visit and it's insomniac time (maybe I'll start having my blogging be a monthly thing...):

Before the end of October, though, I really have no excuses besides laziness for not blogging. So let's try to rectify this blogging hiatus.

So remember that list of summer happenings I made?  I guess we'd better take a look at that. Maybe by this upcoming summer I'll have finished telling you about last summer.
"Blanche, these are the schedules we couldn't find for last semester. Now, maybe next year you'll find the ones for this semester."

Seattle Trip #2

No pretenses were made in regard to the purpose of this trip:  food and clothes. That's right, we were going to Seattle again specifically to eat more Tom Douglas food and to go to cheap outlet stores in between Vancouver and Seattle. Site seeing?  Nah. We'd already done that the first time. We didn't even have the excuse of going to a show or concert like the first time with Celtic Woman.

Since we had already planned this trip around Tom Douglas food and outlet shopping, I figured I should at least attempt to make our trip less pathetic by looking online and seeing what was going on in Seattle when we were going to be there.

Oh, my lucky stars! We could not have been more fortunate with what I found! The days we would be in Seattle were also the last two showings of the 25th Anniversary Production of Les Misérables (look at me being all fancy and putting the French "e" thingy in there). Our trip instantly became considerably less pathetic and considerably, ridiculously more awesome!

I took a ton of pictures the last time we went to Seattle, so you hardly get any pictures this time. Deal with it! There wasn't a lot to take pictures of anyway; every restaurant we went to was Tom Douglas, only one of them being a new one (Lola's, his breakfast/Greek restaurant), and the outlet mall in Tulalip isn't horribly exciting.

Thus, we begin our journey from Vancouver to Seattle, about a two-and-a-half-hour drive. At least that's typically how long it would take. But, unfortunately, we left on a Saturday morning. Humongous lines at the border! Waiting at the border added at least an extra hour to the trip.

Yay! Traffic lines stretching back miles and miles from the border itself.

Lovin' the lines. Oh, well. At least we have the Les Misérables soundtrack.

Huzzah! The Americas!

American flag made from flowers! They had a Canadian one on the way back, but we were kind of done with pictures by that point. We were kind of done with pictures on the first day.

Finally! The actual border is in sight!

Made it to Seattle.

This time we stayed in the Hotel Andra. It had Lola's (Tom Douglas Greek/breakfast) in the lobby!! And the Tom Douglas bakery, Dahlia Lounge (another Tom Douglas restaurant; we haven't tried it yet because it's real faaaancy), and Serious Pie (the pizza restaurant) right across the street! Considering that the majority of the trip was about Tom Douglas restaurants, this hotel was clearly an outstanding pick.

Settled in at the hotel. On our way out for our first Tom Douglas restaurant: Etta's.

Turns out, Etta's had just barely closed so they could make the transition from lunchtime to dinnertime. Argh! Those jerks! Didn't they know I'd been driving for hours and was starving! So we had to wait around Pike Place for an hour. The nerve. 

Ach, I know, having to walk around Pike Place on a gorgeous day; what a chore! But you guys, I was so hungry! I was moving into "hangry" territory.

Hangry: The emotion you feel when you are so hungry that you become irrationally angry and hate the world and everything contained within it. Nothing can quench this emotion except copious amounts of food, toot sweet.

When I have my hopes set on something (especially food) and they are dashed (even in the most minuscule of ways) I turn into an inconsolable 5-year-old.

And it was so hot! And I was in stupid, uncomfortable, restricting, sweaty jeans. A pox upon them and all their kin.

So what I'm getting at is that I walked around Pike Place for an hour looking like this:

"I'm Crabby Appleton, I'm rotten to the core."

We eventually saw someone walking around with an éclair (ooh, more fancy French flourishes), and it became our mission to find an éclair of our very own. I plowed my way through the obnoxious throng until I got to a large dessert stand. We bought ourselves an éclair, and in my hangriness, I went a little overboard and bought some cinnamon concoction that was bigger than my head -- I didn't even end up eating it. It just sat in our hotel room making everything smell of cinnamon, which I was totally fine with. A little dessert potpourri. Lovely.

We walked back to Etta's with our tasty prizes and sat in the shade of a tree for the remainder of our hour-long wait. Eating some éclair and sitting in the shade made me much more agreeable.

We thought we should get some pictures of the trip, so we took a gagillion "cutesy pictures". Sadly, this burned us out for picture taking. No pictures were taken the following days.

We are love. Yes, we epitomise love.

Sweet merciful crap, it was bright that day! We're both dying here.

I am the Freckle Queen!

Finally we were let into Etta's. I had the fish monger's stew, as I had been craving it. It was magically delicious, but it seems it is a seasonal stew; so it was slightly different than the previous stew I had had. I was a little sad about this because I had been craving the one from before, but the new stew made up for it by being stupidly good.

After our late lunch we walked to the Tom Douglas bakery, which, remember, is right across from our hotel. Eric didn't know it yet, but I had already planned on getting a helping of the transcendent doughnuts every day we were there. Eric did not object to this. We both picked up a packet of doughnuts and some other goodies to have for later, and then went down for our afternoon naps in our air-conditioned hotel room. Mmm.

When we woke up it was time to go to Les Misérables.

Sweet mother of mystery! It's Les Mis!

I am a HUGE musical nerd. My three favorite musicals are Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked. I had already seen Phantom in Calgary and Wicked in New York years ago. This one was the last one in my musical trifecta. The white whale that had eluded me for so long. I was pretty much hyperventilating before we even got into the theater.

And, oh baby, we had gotten seats that were so close to the stage! It was inevitable: I was going to be a mess during this performance.

I was already losing it during the overture! By the time Valjean sang "What Have I Done" I was openly weeping. Seriously! That song is, like, six minutes into the show and I was already falling apart!


The actor playing Jean Valjean was Peter Lockyer. I cannot praise this man enough. Words do not describe his brilliance. When scriptures refer to heavenly hosts singing or choirs of angels, this man is leading them. When he was singing "What Have I Done," I had to stop myself from going up to him on stage, giving him a hug, and telling him everything was going to be all right.

And if we had chosen the last performance, the matinee the next day, we wouldn't have gotten to see Peter Lockyer; it would have been his understudy. So fortuitous!

By the time he sang "Bring Him Home," I couldn't even cry any more. My tears were entranced.

You can find some clips on Youtube of Peter Lockyer singing, but it doesn't do him justice.

Because this was an anniversary edition they had revamped some of the sets and whatnot. Seriously, just amazing! All of my senses were so enraptured. Touch: The theater was nice and cool; Sight: The sets were gorgeous and even the theater was really neat looking; Hearing: The singing was superb; And even my sense of smell was being satisfied. The girl next to me was wearing incredible smelling perfume. I was really tempted to ask her what it was, but thought that might be a little creepy...
I totally should have asked her. Then every time I smelled the perfume I would be transported back to Les Mis

After the show. I'm a little red-eyed.

I was gushing after the show. I couldn't get enough Les Mis. When I get excited about one of my fandoms, everything I do has to be about that fandom until my excitement cools down a bit (refer to my hillbilly phase). So I was going on and on about how great the show was and how I just couldn't get enough of it! Oh, how I wished we'd brought the Les Mis movie with us. No, it's no Les Misérables the musical, but it's still Les Mis, and I love it. I mean, Liam Neeson! Geoffrey Rush! Still so good! But not to worry because:
Yeah, he's spectacular.

We went to Palace Kitchen after the show. It was just dumb how good it was. I had pork ravioli and Eric had the chicken wings he had had the last time we were there. For dessert we had some marvelous chocolate masterpiece. Then we walked back to the hotel in perfect weather and fell asleep to Les Misérables the movie. It was a pretty sublime night.

The rest of the trip was delightful, but not horribly exciting. The next morning we went to Serious Biscuit and got the exact same things as the last time. Then we went shopping for a while. After shopping we went to get our doughnuts for that day. Shopping and walking around in the heat tuckered me out, so we went back to the hotel and I had a nap while Eric was fantastic and went to get us Serious Pie take-out pizza. 

After we ate pizza and some dessert leftovers we went to The Amazing Spider-Man at the Cinerama (same theater as last time. Really, this second trip to Seattle was basically a reenactment of our first trip to Seattle). We also got choc-pop again. The movie and the choc pop were both most excellent. 

The next morning we were leaving, but we had enough time to go to Lola's before we left. I got eggs benedict (exquisite) and Eric got pancakes (uuh, droooool).  We were so full by this point. But we had to have our last doughnuts! It was our last chance! We got the doughnuts, but I couldn't finish them! I WAS JUST TOO FULL OF DELICIOUS FOODS! I HAD TO THROW SOME AWAY! It was such a travesty! Eric and I joked about how our most precious commodity during this trip was our hunger. We had such little time to try to eat as much Tom Douglas food as we could. If only we could have banked our fullness. But alas, I wasted a couple Tom Douglas doughnuts. Sigh.

Then it was on to Tulalip for the outlet mall and then back to Vancouver. Ta da! Eric's third trip to Seattle and my second. 


  1. I shall probably hateth myself cometh the dawn...not sure why THAT popped into my head...oh maybe it's because I HATETH YOU- We attended Phantom and Wicked together and you throw me over and go to Les Mis with Eric? What's with that??? The nerve! Bout time you blogged!! SO very happy to see Oscar and Oliver ovaries again- in Fedoras no less! LOVE your blogs! They tickle me pink!

  2. There are no words to aptly express my jealousness that you got to go to Les Mis. I seriously cannot wait for the movie to come out. I've been stalking cineplex's website multiple times a day so I can by tickets asap!
    Your accents on your French e's were indeed very fancy.
    And Paxton was ever so entertained by your drawerings of yourself :)
    More blogging! Even if it is only once a month :P

  3. you are hilarious. and I love you. the end