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September 13, 2012


I have a blog? Oh, yeah!
Just kidding, I didn't forget. I've just been horribly neglectful towards mein own blog. I would say there are two reasons for this:

1. There have been so many things to write about, and they just kept piling up with me not writing about them; therefore, the idea of catching up the blog became daunting and intimidating. And I'm just so lazy, people!

2.  It was summer! Give me a break. I still maintain a childlike idealization of summer in that it is a break from life and you just get to play all day.

BUT summer fun has settled down, and I should now have more time on my hands. So I propose I make a list of things I have been meaning to write about, and I will slowly but surely tackle these subjects. You see, if  I put the list here on my blog, I can't *back out of at least mentioning some little blurb about the different summer events. Now, I'm not promising that I'll be very prompt with these posts nor that they will be sequential. I may get fed up with catching up on summer events and do a blog or two in between summer posts. In fact, I'm not even going to promise that I won't back out of this endeavour altogether (*yes, I'm contradicting myself a little here). However, I promise I will try to blog more and catch up the blog.

Behold, THE LIST!

  1. Seattle Trip #2
  2. Nanaimo Trip #1 and Victoria trip #2
  3. Captioning Assessment
  4. Moving from Vancouver
  5. Lake 5, Montana
  6. Hiking
  7. Moving to Calgary
There you have it: The list of summertime blog posts. You may now await them with bated breath. I know, my life is so thrilling to all of you.

Also, happy 23rd birthday to me tomorrow!


  1. yes I shall await each and every subject!!I am having pins and needles I am sitting on!!!

  2. I am still patiently awaiting the "list" to come to fruition. just a little NUDGE...get blogging missy! I miss reading all your hilarious commentary.