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April 27, 2012


Eric and I had a blast in Seattle. We already miss it and are horribly distraught to be back in Vancouver. Sigh, we just want to be done our time in Vancouver. Blasted lease, how you chain us!

We're like Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin: we just want to be back in the Shire (Alberta). We're quite content to ignore and be ignored by the world of the Big Folk. I'm clearly watching Lord of the Rings right now.

But really, it's not that Vancouver is horrible; it's just not for Eric and me.

Back to Seattle, though. As promised, Eric and I were uncharacteristic and took a pretty decent amount of pictures. I have posted a plethora of these pictures, and we shall now go through them. Be aware, however, that a good portion of the trip was spent stuffing our gobs, also as promised.
Pacific Central Train Station at an ungodly hour.
Eric's being helpful and pointing the station out for you.
Don't judge us; it's somewhere around 6 a.m.
Sleepy but excited!
On the train. We paid a little extra for business class. We're so fancy! The only thing that seemed "fancy" about business class, though, was that we didn't have to sit facing complete strangers. So I guess it was worth it.
We're pretty adorable. Ain't no thang.
Mountains in the background. Our seats were stupid and were in between two windows, so we didn't have our own window. We had to look across the way to see anything.
Unimpressed by something? Probably how early it was.

Thumbs up for Seattle
Train mac and cheese. Not particularly tasty.
Train breakfast bagel. Also not particularly tasty.
We really just wanted one of these cookies because of Seinfeld.
"Two races of flavour living side by side. It's a wonderful thing, isn't it?"
"Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate, and yet somehow racial harmony eludes us. If people would only look to the cookie, all our problems would be solved."
"Look to the cookie, Elaine. Look to the cookie."
Chillin' at the hotel.
More hotel. More chillin'.

Eric figuring out what fun things we're going to be doing.
Hi there!
View from the hotel. We weren't high up enough for the view to be all that spectacular, but our hotel, the Westin, was in such a great location! Everything we needed to get to was just a short walk away.
More view.
More view.
We loved having one of these mirrors to point out our deepest flaws.
Hi there!
Sweet two-headed shower head.
Nice try. Give us two shower heads and tell us not to use one of them? I think not.
This picture was in the bathroom, and at first glance it looked like it was a shower head. We then realized that because we were in Seattle it was more likely that it was the Space Needle... Good one, us.
Our first foods in Seattle. It was pretty much the only place we ate at that wasn't a Tom Douglas restaurant.
I'm piggin' out in the background.
Let me explain about Tom Douglas: Tom Douglas is simply amazing! He's a chef that has a bunch of restaurants in Seattle. Eric had been to Seattle once before a few years ago, and he went to some of Tom Douglas's restaurants at that time. Eric has raved about Tom Douglas and his food ever since. So even before we went to Seattle, we knew that it would basically be: Paige and Eric's trip to Seattle: A Tour of Tom Douglas Restaurants.
Hom nom nom!
So tasty.
Mine and Eric's go-to-burrito place is Mucho Burrito, which we love, but it was nice to have a new and different burrito. Oh, wonderful, wonderful American fast food.
So chock full of goodness!
For the pa!
De-greased and heading out to dinner at our first Tom Douglas restaurant!
Saw this on the way to dinner. Blunch? 
First Tom Douglas restaurant on the agenda: Palace Kitchen.
Anxiously awaiting our food at Palace Kitchen 
Hi there.
Yum, bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I looove balsamic vinegar and bread.
Oh, bread, how I love you.
Eric's wood grilled chicken wings with coriander cream. They were absurdly good, and I don't even like chicken wings that much!
My whole Idaho trout! Soooo good! And I got mashed potatoes and sauteed greens on the side, which were phenomenal. I also got a pomegranate lemonade. Mmmm.
Triple coconut cream pie. We didn't even need to look at the menu. Eric has wanted this ever since he last went to Seattle. It was silly amounts of good.
Diggin' in. Eric and I are beasts when it comes to dessert. It's a race to see who gets to eat the most.
So ecstatically happy!
After dinner we walked across the street to the Cinerama where they were having a Sci-fi film festival. The movie playing when we were there was 2001: A Space Odyssey, which worked out well because I had never seen it and Eric's a Stanley Kubrick fan; me: less so. I find Kubrick's work to be all right but feel that Kubrick is a bit of a misogynist, whether he means to be or not. I like to joke with Eric that James Cameron is the anti-Kubrick because Cameron always has strong female leads.
The Cinerama is a landmark theater and is one of the only three movie theaters in the world still capable of showing three-panel Cinerama films, so Wikipedia tells me. 
They had delicious chocolate popcorn. Eric and I lovingly bestowed it with the nickname "Choc Pop."
The movie was quite good, until Kubrick pulled out a classic Kubrick ending. "What does it all mean, bleh" (Easy A)! The theater was pretty sweet too, besides the fact that the monolith song was so loud that it almost deafened me as well as nearly ruining my soul! Terrifying music.

And that was Day 1!

On Day 2 we went to Tom Douglas's Serious Pie/Serious Biscuit for brunch (blunch?). It's kind of a combo restaurant serving both pizza and biscuits. We were saving the pie for later, though. Just biscuits this time.
Eric waiting in front of the restaurant. It was a gorgeous day, so we didn't mind waiting outside. Plus, they had sidewalk chalk for us to play with! The piggy there is very decorated.
My contribution!
Ta da!
Eric's a proud Canadian too.
O Canada!
A little girl apparently liked my design and tried to copy it. Maple leaves are hard!
Just getting some cutesie pictures in.
Eric's having a hard time with the sun.
Our appetizer was biscuits with whipped bacon butter and seasonal jam (rhubarb). The whipped bacon butter was good, but surprisingly enough (because bacon is amazing), the rhubarb jam was the stand out! It was amazing, and rhubarb was to be a theme for me from this point on.
My meal. Homemade peanut butter, honey, and bananas. It was spectacular. It is also something that is entirely an Eric pick. He loooves peanut butter. But he couldn't say no to his meal.
Eric's meal: fried chicken, tabasco black pepper gravy. Who could say no to all that gravy?
Hom nom nom!
So satisfied!
Hi there.
We found some fellow Canadians!
Go Canada!
Pretty harbour with fun sail boats.
Dah! Cute little goslings.
After brunch, we went to the EMP, a museum for music, sci-fi, and pop culture. It's right by the space needle, so two birds with one stone.
It's a very odd building.
Cool, though.
More building.
We were very intrigued by these pole things. Eric insisted that I get a picture.
They reminded us of the things that are in dog agility challenges. There were even some people running through them like that.
YAY! AVATAR! Nirvana...reh.
Space needle. Eric had gone to the top when he was in Seattle the previous time, and I was content to just see it. So we didn't go to the top.
Cool instrument sculpture.
This is the extent of our pictures in the music section. We just wanted to get to the nerd stuff!
Before we left the music section for the nerd section, we got to watch this awesome OK Go music video on a jumbo screen: 
It would seem that not long before we came, they had had a Battlestar Galactica exhibit, which is now gone.

At least they still had some merchandise for me to look at. Oh, Bill Adama, how I love you!
The Eywa seeds have chosen me!
Amplified Mobility Platform Suit! One of us should have stood by it so you could see the scale. That was silly of us. Well, just know it's big.
We didn't know we weren't supposed to have our flash on. Basically all of our pictures had flash. Oops. 
Avatar shoes. I'm itty bitty.
My hands are teenie by normal standards. Comparing them to Avatar hands is just silly.
Eric in the Avatar boots.
The Avatar exhibit was pretty neat. It had lots of fun things: videos about the making of, character busts, rudimentary art designs, etc... There was even a dynamic interactive space that demonstrated the motion capture and 3D technology they used in the film. I like that Eric got some Kubrick and I got some Cameron.

The next exhibit was Can't Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film.

Eric and I thought it was amusing that it had a rating.
Alien! More James Cameron (Aliens, to be precise)!
The horror movie exhibit was cool too; there just wasn't a whole lot to take pictures of. Most of the exhibit was comprised of little side rooms that had films discussing why different horror movies were so influential or ground breaking. There was also a scream booth where you would scream while watching horror movie clips and a camera would be taking pictures of this. Eric and I both thought not. Not our thing. I guess we're just boring, self-aware prudes. Another nice touch in this exhibit was an "employees only door" with killing noises coming from it. It got a lot of head glances.

I found this in the merchandise area, and Eric and I were horribly amused by it. It's a chronological list of Eric's last three girlfriends. I won!
This was hard to time because the names flicker on and off. Be impressed with me!
Different side of the building.
More building.
More space needle.
God bless America.
American treats! Family members, look! MINI chewy Sweet tarts! They were amazing.
I actually got enough sun that I had a tan line from the strap of my bag!
You can't see it very well in these pictures, but Eric and I were very amused by it.
Dinner on Day 2. Now it's time for the pie! This was a different restaurant than the one from earlier, though. It wasn't the combined pie/biscuit one. This one was closer to our hotel and just the pie.
When you walk by this restaurant, the smell is amazing! Mmm, pizza.
We had snarfed down most of the pizza before we realized we needed to take a picture. It was incredibly tasty. I love margherita pizzas anyway, but this was the best one I've ever had. The buffalo mozzarella was heavenly.
Eric's dessert was chocolate budino (cross between pudding and fudge. What!?) with sea salt and biscotti. Hom nom!
My dessert was cannolis with pistachios and rhubarb syrup (second rhubarb spotting).
Oh, boy! Desserts!
That night we went to The Cabin in the Woods, which was fitting seeing as how we'd been to the horror exhibit that day. It would seem there were some themes during this trip: horror/sci-fi films, Tom Douglas, eating, James Cameron, rhubarb, etc...

(Edit 2014: The Cabin in the Woods was funny at the time, but on reconsideration, it's not especially worthy of recommendation)

And that's the end of Day 2!

Day 3 was shorts-weather! Such a nice day. We went to the waterfront to Tom Douglas's seafood restaurant, Etta's, for lunch.
This makes it our fourth Tom Douglas place.
Mussels for an appetizer. I got a pomegranate drink thinking it was the same from Palace Kitchen, but it was a fizzy drink. I don't like carbonated drinks much, but it was still good. Eric got a sour cherry fizzy drink.
Eating shellfish is always really satisfying for me. It's like I'm digging for gold!
My single oyster. I'm new to oysters, and so one was enough. It was very tasty.
"Little oysters! Little oysters!"

Eric's crab cakes. So good. Tom Douglas has an entire cook book devoted to crab cakes.
My fish monger's stew. It was absurd how chock full of goodness it was!
A wee, little octopus. This picture is slightly askew because while I was taking it, the camera slipped and took a little dip in the stew. Oops. Spill baby strikes again!
(Spill baby is my family's nickname for me as I can be a bit of a klutz sometimes).
Look at the silly little tentacles. So cute and so delicious at the same time.
Things in the stew: mussels; clams; teenie, tiny baby octopuses; teenie, tiny baby shrimp; crab; salmon; cod.
Out in the sun! The smudge in the left corner is from the camera's unfortunate spill. We gradually were able to get it cleaned off.
Poor Eric needs to get some sunglasses.
After Etta's, we went to Pike Place Market.
T'was pretty neat, but there was so much going on that I didn't know what to take pictures of!
More market.
Carnival area?

More market.
Us with market.
First shorts of the season!
I've been there!
On the way home from the market, we stopped at Dahlia Bakery, yet another Tom Douglas place.
What to choose!?
Drool. So much coconut goodness!
I think Eric and I both agree that this is the best thing either of us have ever eaten. Tom Douglas famous donuts with mascarpone and seasonal jam (not rhubarb this time).
The jam was good, but it took a back seat to the mascarpone. 
It was like eating a fluffy, wonderful, delicious, sugary cloud! I can't even explain... Just try to have this before you die.
Rhubarb tart for me (third rhubarb spotting). It was wonderfully delicious. Maple eclair for Eric. It was insane. The innards were so cold and creamy!
Chocolate truffle cookie.
It was big.
It was delicious!
That night we went to the Celtic Woman concert, Believe. It was amazing!
Us before the show starts.
There was a lot of this going on from me:

The singing, the bagpipes, the flutes, the fiddle, the drums, etc... = INCREDIBLE! It's clear to me whenever I hear Celtic music that I have Celt blood. It's my favorite of all musics!

After the show.
We went to Palace Kitchen again after the show because it was one of the only Tom Douglas places that was open after the show, and because it's delicious, obviously.
I got a rotisserie chicken with rhubarb compote (fourth rhubarb spotting). I also got the pomegranate lemonade again (which was the right one). Mmm.
Eric got the burger. It was so deliciously rare. Canada has to have their burgers cooked to a certain done-ness. Pff, good one, Canada.
So on the way back, they didn't have an option for us to pay extra for business class. We were bummed about this because we thought we'd have strangers sitting across from us. Turns out, we were just on a better train that had ample space and, other than not having wifi, was better than our business class on the other train. Very good.
Look how much leg room we have! I can't even touch the seat in front of me! It was heaven. We slept the entire way back. 
Since we had a window this time, I thought I should get some pictures. Here's one picture.
Here's a second picture. And then it was sleep time.
We looooooved Seattle! It was so much fun, and we had such bad end-of-travel blues. It was nice to see Abby when we got home, though, and Dorothy, my step mother-in-law (mouthful), was wonderful enough to come check on Abby while we were gone. Thanks, Dorothy!

So that was our trip! I'd love to go back someday, and I would definitely recommend Seattle as a place to visit. I would also recommend as many Tom Douglas restaurants as you can go to as well. He's ruined all other restaurants for Eric and me. We've got to the point where we've just decided to start honing our own cooking skills so we can get all of Tom Douglas's cook books and make his food ourselves. He may only be based in Seattle, but he's nice enough to share his recipes.

And now I'm fat and dieting.

The End


  1. holy cow your trip looks delicious!! I am seriously drooling! ha ha looks like a blast! love seattle!

    also you are hilarious. that is all

  2. A. You can eat at qdoba in Kalispell. We go there all the time. But it's no cafe rio. Which by the way is in great falls now.
    B. Bacon butter. I just threw up a little in my mouth.
    C. The home made peanut butter looks like something I saw in Oscar's diaper today.
    D. fried chicken, tabasco black pepper gravy looks VERY yummy.
    E. Brad died a little inside when you threw Nirvana to the curb.
    F. I am now sending Brad up town to buy me candy.
    G. Rhubarb is for old ladies.
    H. Excuse me a moment... I just got back from dry heaving at the sight of your mussels and octopus. Puke. And puke again.
    I. I've heard Pike Place Market is pretty cool.
    J. Troy and Ahbed in the morning.
    k. $19 for a baby coconut cream pie. You have got to be kidding me.
    L.Celtic Woman concert... Um I'm speechless. Really, and I mean this in the most loving way, there are no works for your dorkiness at times.
    M. A burger, now that's more like it!
    N. I will not make it through the alphabet.
    O. Enjoy the rest of your time in Van. You know there is an end in sight so live it up while you are there.
    P. Glad you had fun in Seattle.

  3. Seattle is TOTALLY on my i wish to go to list. Especially Pike Market!!!! And i loooove all the food you mentioned :)

  4. Oh Whit-(and Paige) I have never laughed so hard!! BUT Whit, you are small potato's- move over whilst I show thee how it's done...I SHALL get through the alphabet and MORE!
    A.A TRAIN!!! How long was the ride?(I say that like it was an amusement park ride, And so it IS!)
    B.Eric- WHY the train mac and cheese?? WHY?
    C.Oh wait, you redeemed yourself with the inter-racial cookie.
    D.The shower head made me uncomfortable, akin to Siamese twin unease.
    E.YAY for Stewie street!
    G.Eric looks like he may burst into tears at his first Tom Douglas restaurant.heheh- he has Shrek cat eyes!!!
    H.Ok you go all the way to the west coast ocean and you order a trout from freaken IDAHO????
    I.AHHH, gotta love HAL and the ODD-yssey.
    J.sidewalk chalk, why didn't I think of that!
    K.UUUurp-bacon butter?- I'm totally with Whit on this one.
    L.However, being and OLD LADY, the rhubarb looks delish!!
    M.HEY- I saw that peanut butter in the diaper I changed Thursday..what gives here? Oscar you scamp you.
    N.Sorry Eric, your biscuit looks like a gall bladder attack waiting to happen.
    O.HEHEH the sad llama- I wet em!
    P.God Bless AMERICA!! in more ways than one!
    Q.Mr. E, you are way too skinny! Especially in the Avatar boots!
    R.I must say Paigie, you are an adventurous eater...Muscles, fish monger stew, OYSTERS? "But answer there came NONE!" (except crab cakes!<3)
    S.OUCH- please tell me what the big glob of yellow is in that stew. euwww!
    T.HAHAHAHA spill baby- oh ho I am laughing away!snort
    U.The market reminds me of Grandin Island- only not so crowded!
    V.Still don't get the clown thing with you, Paige.
    W.WHIT- I said exactly the same thing... $19 for a baby pie?????PA- LEASE!
    X. That bakery is now officially on my bucket list...the bucket list, the bucket list!...easy A
    Y.That cookie is as big as your head!
    Z.I hateth thou! I want to go to Celtic Woman! the bucket list....
    1.Oh Whitney, the rhubarb comment has me in fits of laughter!!!I love my kids!! hehehe
    2.Glad you had a fabulous trip and even more glad to have such a fantastic post and pictures- kept me entertained for hours!!! love you guys!

  5. I want to come eat with you guys.

    And you guys should have babies cause I think they'd be uproariously cute.

  6. I want to come eat with you guys.

    And you guys should have babies cause I think they would be uproariously cute.

  7. Oh Pee, someday you and I will take a trip together. I could try the sea food but I'm not sure how much /I would like it. Whit, Rhubarb is delish! We used to make our Japanese exchange student say rhubarb... she couldn't. Paigie keep blogging!
    Cand-ice (as stew would call me)(I want to go to Stewart street some day)