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April 20, 2012

Multiple Numbers On Whatever Day I Want

  1. Who says Tuesday owns the concept of stringing a whole bunch of random thoughts together, and who says that it has to be ten?
  2. To those of you who took the baby bug post a little too seriously (Whitney), come on! Did you not see the comical illustration displayed which clearly portrayed that the baby bug is being held at bay and will be for some time? Oi, so much exasperation!
  3. I'm watching Tarzan right now and kind of have a crush on him. Prowr.

  4. I realize that I have a slight problem with Pinterest. It's not that I'm addicted or anything, but that I have a hard time sharing all of my secrets and ideas with other people. MY THINGS! I don't want people to have my favorite recipes! I use those to impress people, and now everyone will know how to do it themselves. I've been like this ever since I was little.
    Paige in grade 1

  5. I feel bad because I don't often comment on other people's blog posts. There are a few reasons for this: (1) I read someone's post and then I think I'll comment later but never do, (2) I never know when people have updated their blogs unless they tell me on Facebook, (3) honestly don't have time to read blogs sometimes, (4) feel awkward about commenting on people's blogs when I feel we don't know each other very well, (5) I'm still figuring out the blog world. But I obviously love when people comment on my posts, whether they know me well or not, and it only stands to reason that other people love getting comments as well. So I promise I'll try to be better at leaving comments.
    Edit: I love to receive comments, and do feel free to leave comments, but please let me know who you are if I don't already know. I'm curious as a cat and must know these things!
  6. I didn't even realize how much of a prairie girl I am until I left the prairies.

  7. All my best blog ideas come at the least opportune times: when I should be sleeping or when I should be working. If only I could harness my powers of procrastination for good!
  8. I have a new love in my life -- well, a few new loves: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington. They are this age's Three Stooges.

    I've so far listened to a good amount of their podcasts, watched all of An Idiot Abroad, watched just about every Ricky Gervais Animated Show clip that is available on Youtube, and am now patiently waiting for the DVDs of The Ricky Gervais Animated Show that I ordered.
  9. Eric and I went to Hunger Games a little while after it came out, and we both loved it. I can be pretty critical of movies adapted from books that I've read, but it was really well done. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of going on a cheap Tuesday night, not realizing that Tuesday was cheap night. We just thought, "Hey, Hunger Games has been out for a couple weeks now, and it's the late showing on Tuesday. We should be fine."  We weren't fine. We had to sit on the very front row. By the end of the movie, I was literally (and I actually mean literally in the literal sense) lying completely flat.
  10. Blogger doesn't seem to want to display two digit numbers. Sigh. 
  11. I get a kick out of everyone on Pinterest planning their weddings, and I revel in the fact that I don't have to be planning for a wedding on Pinterest. Ha ha, suckers.  
  12. My hair is getting long enough to do a Westley ponytail! Happy day!
  13. Red Robin is one of the better things in this world. Eric and I are so in love with our respective chicken burgers that we cannot waver from them; we get them every time we go there, along with Freckled Lemonade, duh. Teriyaki Chiken Burger for me and Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger for Eric. Oh, drool.
    Me at a Red Robin a few years ago. It's the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, of course.

  14. Although Eric and I don't plan to have babies for a while, we already have some solid locks on baby names. I refuse to tell anyone what they are, though (refer back to point 4)! MY NAMES! If some stupid pop culture show/movie/book (Twilight, Glee, etc...) shows up and steals my baby names and then subsequently ruins them, I will blow a gasket!
  15. Living by the Art Museum in Downtown Vancouver is the pits. There's always some sort of protest, rally, demonstration, or festivity going on there, and these events typically have LOUD speakers. There's even something going on right now. Grumble.

    Edit: Oh, geez. What's going on right now is a marijuana rally! Just a bunch of morons smoking marijuana and playing loud Bob Marley music! Why do I live here?
  16. Eric and I are going on a trip to Seattle. We'll be leaving tomorrow (Saturday) and coming back Tuesday. We're taking the Amtrak train because trains are fun. We don't have too much planned for the trip besides a Celtic Woman concert Monday night. The rest of the time we plan on just going with the flow. One thing that is on the agenda for sure, though, is stuffing our faces at some awesome Seattle restaurants.

    We are going to try to be uncharacteristic and take lots of pictures too.
  17. Speaking of trips, Eric and I have decided that once we feel it's monetarily feasible for us to go to Disneyland, it's happening!!!! You cannot even fathom how excited I am about this! I'll attempt to express it with some gifs now:

    If you don't know about my profound love for Disney and everything Disney related, then you don't know me.

    This will be mine and Eric's first big trip together, besides moving to Vancouver (doesn't really count as a vacation trip), camping in Montana, or our thrilling honeymoon in Lethbridge (whatever, we had fun). I love that while other couples our age are all about going to some romantic beach location or on a luxurious cruise, Eric and I are out-of-our-minds excited about going on a Disneyland trip before we have kids.

    Before my mom or sister someone can retort with some pithy reply about how irresponsible it is for Eric and I to be planning a trip to Disneyland, I will let you know that we don't plan on going on this trip until we've been back in Alberta for a good while and are pretty settled there with good jobs. So there.


  1. Since you love getting comments, here's one:


    I know that's not much of a contribution, but keep the posts coming. Have fun in Seattle, friends! Also, you got me again this week with, "laying completely flat."

  2. Who art thou, Capo? I love comments, but I'm also curious like a cat and must know who they are from!

  3. AHHH Paigie posts, I do so live for them- Laying flat-Oh dang that would bug me!!! I would be car sick sitting that close to the screen!! Wrecks the whole thing! I am going to that movie next week some time- I have promised myself!! I like your gifs but I LOVE your drawerings more! Little Paige on the Prairie- that was my fav! And that would make a great movie.

  4. Don't tell anyone the names you like. There are lots of reasons not to. I also now want Red Robins and Disneyland, thanks.

  5. Hows about some real pics deary? I tought you had a new fancy smancy camera?

    When you add blog you follow to your side bar you can pick to arrange them by the newest updates ones. So the people who have updated will be at the top of the list.
    You can also follow most blogs and it shows up in google reader or whatever.

  6. Thanks for the smiles Paige! Loved all the pics! Disney by yourselves sounds way more fun then with kiddos - I avoid even thinking of that.

  7. Disneyland with ONLY ALAN is my biggest dream. I will be jealous when you go and then when you post about it. I might even cry. Don't wait until you're settled...JUST GO!!!

  8. Oh Paige! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Always brings a smile to my face. Disneyland expressions...PRICELESS loved them all. Have fun on your trip!

  9. Yay Paige post! I also loved Hunger Games. I took the afternoon off work so I could go to the first afternoon showing in Lethbridge though so it was super busy. I didn't have to sit in the very front though :)

    Do you have a smart phone? I find that I get lots of ideas for blogs when I'm running on my eliptical, or walking the dogs or trying to go to sleep, so I just jot the thought down on the notepad on my iPhone when that happens.

    I love your gifs. I haven't thought of adding them to my blog for some reason. I have a bazillion of them for my instant messenger at work so I might have to send some home now.

    As for baby names, you might be surprised that you could change your mind. I'm pretty sure I threatened both my sisters with bodily harm if they used "Blake" for any boy spawn because it was mine darn it! And then when I got preggers, Blake didn't even make the list! It might be different since I was in high school at the time of the threats and you came up with your names with your husband :)

    Disneyland is ridiculously fun. I've only been without children so I can say it was most awesome. Next time will be with Paxton and Jay so that could be an adventure.

    And don't feel bad about honeymooning in Lethbridge. That's what Jay and I did and then went to Vegas later.