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March 27, 2012

10 On Tuesday

1. It would seem that the baby bug is slowly creeping its way into my life. Don't worry, though. I am vigorously fending it off for now.
Note the baby bug's diaper.

2. I used to be one of those that said I'd never switch from books to reading tablets. I wanted that wonderful and familiar feel of having a book in my hands. Then last summer I read The Help on my sister's Kindle. Well, that completely changed my opinion. No holding open big books with annoying creases, no pages blowing in the wind, no pinky getting sore from holding open the book, and best of all, if you're going on a trip somewhere, you don't need to pick and choose between books or do what I did and bring a gagillion pounds worth of books because you don't know what ones you'll want to read.

If you're still a neanderthal and are against the idea of reading tablets, thinking that you can't give up the feel of a book, I strongly suggest you try a reading tablet and then decide which is better.

3. When I have the house to myself, I turn into a Broadway star.

Speaking of Les Misérables, are you all aware that they are doing a movie of the musical to be released December 14, 2012? GET EXCITED! I know I am.
Hugh Jackman: Jean Valjean! Russell Crowe: Javert! And numerous other fantastic cast members! SQUEAL!

4. To encourage Eric and myself to finally start being picture-taking people, we bought a new, fancy camera. Hopefully some amazing pictures will be coming your way soon.

5. Eric's ex, Patti, and I have recently defied all social conventions by becoming friends (it's official because it's on Facebook). We seem to be kindred spirit-esque, and therefore, it would be silly to not be friends because she once dated Eric. I was my usual subtle self in broaching the subject of friendship to Patti.

6. Eric and I never intended  to have Vancouver be a permanent thing. Three years maximum, one year minimum. We've always known that we wanted to end up back in Alberta where the majority of our friends and family are (WE MISS YOU!). Vancouver was mostly a life experience thing. So with the job market being absolute garbage for Eric here, we are quite certain that when our lease is up in August, we will be moving back to Alberta. We're not sure where yet because it'll depend on where we can get the best jobs. The places we're considering, though, are Calgary, Lethbrige, Red Deer, and Edmonton.

We're horribly excited about the idea of being back in Alberta. We've greatly enjoyed it here, but even though we're only one province away from Alberta, we feel like strangers in a foreign land. We're Albertans through and through.

So anyone that wanted to come visit us in Vancouver had better get their butts over here before we leave!

7. Stupid coastal climate.

8. One of mine and Eric's favorite things to do is get into TV series after they've been going for a while or are completely finished. We can then watch them one after the other with no commercials and no interruptions. It's wonderful. Some of the series we've done this for are: How I Met Your Mother, Glee (first season = good, all other seasons = all kinds of bad), Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Six Feet Under, Death Note, Once Upon a Time, etc... Yeah, Eric and I like to watch a lot of TV. Whatever. Get over it.

Our current series is Battlestar Galactica. We are obsessed. I don't think we've ever burned through a series quite like this. It consumes us. We've basically given up on all our current TV shows to power through BSG. If you are as cool as me, Eric, or Dwight Schrute, I would definitely suggest starting up Battlestar Galactica. And as Dwight would say, "Have you ever watched Battlestar Galactica? No? Well, then you're an idiot."

9. I had no transcripts to work on this weekend. None! Zip! It was heaven. I did a lot of this:

As well as watching Battlestar Galactica, obviously.

10. I am not a fan of clothes shopping. I get overwhelmed by all of the factors that come into play: (1) too many people, line-ups, etc..., (2) too much selection, (3) hate trying clothes on, (4) get distracted from my original purpose, (5) money! So I usually go in spurts. I go as long as I can without shopping until I absolutely have to get new clothes. This last spurt has been pretty bad because I have needed to update my business wardrobe but kept putting it off. There are multiple things in my wardrobe that I can trace back to grade 11 or even further back! I finally went shopping yesterday and was in some crazed and possessed shopping state. I didn't even initially intend to do it, but I was at the mall, saw H&M, and then went into Rambo mode. The shopping Gods blessed me with zero lines to the dressing room and the till. And now I have pretty, new clothes. Huzzah.


  1. Huzzah to shopping! I love shopping but generally have no money to do so :( I vote for you to move to Lethbridge with Calgary as my second choice, and I know that my opinion is all kinds of important so you will choose one of those places :) I literally guffawed out loud at your picture of you fending off the baby bug, very nice. And last but not least, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" thank you for making me aware of the Les Miserables movie and it's forthcoming awesomeness!

  2. LE MIS ...A MOVIE???!!!!AWESOME!! DO not let that bug near you!!!Not until Eric has a job in Calgary at least!!Then have at-er! Love your freckles, and all the illustrations. You have to commit to 10 on Tuesday every week now, and now that you have a shmancy fancy camera- I want pictures along with the illustrations. Ok I need to go be flat again-I am ever so sick...ever so! <3

  3. BAZINGA!!!!!!(on the shopping!) You made me laugh. Hope to see you guys soon! xo

  4. Dear "Unknown," who art thou? How can I know who you are without a name, thou silly person?

    Lish, Mom, you are both welcome for the enlightenment of Les Mis.

  5. ha ha ha ok i seriously laughed at EVERY one of your pictures!! how did you make all of those? they are fantastic!! yay for shopping! you should come shopping with me it is my FAVORITE thing! I will make you love it! and wahoo for Les mis!!! so excited!

  6. Well, Jennie, I am fantastic; therefore, I make fantastic works of art. It stands to reason. And, uh, heck yes I will come shopping with you! It's on my list of things to do when I return to the motherland.

    Also, found out who the mystery person is: Kathy Parris, you tricker, you.

  7. Why the baby bug. It shouldn't come around until your husband has a steady job. Just a thought...
    What kind of camera did you get?

  8. right, kind of like when you had Roman, eh Whit- steady job and all. ppfff I laugh at you!!!Neither of us should stick our noses in where they don't belong but oh well, get used to it, Paige- it's just how we roll!! I think you should take pictures of your new clothes and curly hair BEFORE you go outside with your new camera and put them in next Tuesday's blog!! I will if you will!

  9. loved all your pics...congrats on new clothes..YAY for Les Mes...and Red Deer is always nice...

  10. CALGARY!!! CALGARY!!! I think you should choose calgary to move to in August. We promise to be your friends and help you fight the baby bug off! ps your pictures were fantastic!

  11. CALGARY!!! CALGARY!!! I think you should choose calgary to move to in August. We promise to be your friends and help you fight the baby bug off! ps your pictures were fantastic!