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February 21, 2012

Give Me a Head with Hair, Long Beautiful Hair?

(Edit from 2014: This is such a self-indulgent post, but I keep it around because it's become a convenient way for me to refer back to my hairstyles and make informed decisions for the present time. Maybe it can also help some of you with that most weighty and important decision of choosing a hairstyle)
Good people who read my blog, I have a great dilemma, and I seek your assistance! The dilemma is this: To cut or not to cut?

Those of you who know me would know that I have gone through a plethora of haircuts. Those of you who have known me for some time would know that for the greater part of my teenage years, I had very, very long hair.

Towards the end of grade 11, I finally cut my hair to a shoulder length cut. Gradually this became shorter and shorter. It eventually got to what is probably my most "signature" haircut, the 1920s bob. A page-boy haircut just seems to ironically work for me.

Since that initial cut in grade 11, I have not had a hair style that has gone far past my chin, a good five years of having short hair after having had long hair for most of my years growing up.

When I did have long hair, (a) I didn't know how to do it well; therefore, it usually ended up being in an ugly ponytail -- not even a cute, stylish one, just slicked back and ugly, and (b) it was when I still had a lot of my baby fat/high school chub, which has since, in my opinion, subsided substantially. Because of these factors, I don't associate long hair with favourable memories of me looking very spectacular.

Short hair felt much more me. It's easy to do, it always looks polished, it's cute.  I'd much rather be cute than "sexy" or "hot." Blech. Plus, I always have liked that short hair seems slightly daring, different, and out there.

Now, the purpose of this blog post is to showcase my different hairstyles so that you can all voice your opinions and help me decide what to do with my hair. In order to help you all with this decision, I have put together a sort of hairstyle timeline.

Because a 1920s bob has been the hairstyle I have had most often, there are quite a few pictures of that. Most of them have subtle differences, though. That's one of the problems with that hairstyle is that some people can't cut it the way I prefer.

Long hair in  grade 11, I believe. I have naturally wavy hair. Throughout my life, the extent of the curliness has fluctuated; therefore, it is very unpredictable. 
Long, straightened hair.
Long, straightened hair.

How long my hair once was.
Front view.
I dyed my hair toward the end of grade 11 for the play Anne of Green Gables. I was Diana Barry. This was the first time I'd ever dyed my hair. I like my own hair colour, and it's way too much maintenance to have to keep up with dyed hair. It was fun to have a change, though, and maybe I'll try it again one day...maybe.
This picture was when I was Matt Romeril's date to grad.

Having my hair all done up like this was a very rare thing indeed. Kaylee (Spring) Pierson was the artist behind this masterpiece. It certainly wasn't my doing.
This is when I cut my hair in grade 11. It was the shortest I'd had it since probably grade 6.
After the first cut, I was hooked, and I continued to chop it shorter and shorter. This was a sort of choppy, wispy cut. My hair is still growing out of the dye here.

Longer choppy, wispy cut. The dark dye has grown out here, but before it got back to being my natural colour, I streaked it with lighter shades of brown.
Grade 12. This was my first bob cut. I loved it, and it was well received. Still has a bit of the streaks in it.
More bob.
Mein own grad. I called my dress "The Sleeping Beauty Dress" because it changed colour! "Make it blue."

More grad.

More grad.
Working in Waterton the summer after I graduated.
Got ahold of Candace's camera. Took some silly pictures.
Side view of bob.
First day of university (Grant MacEwan's now a university. So I get to say that I went to university).
19th birthday.
At a performance of Pride and Prejudice for Candace's birthday.
So hot right now.
Check out my killer heels. I always think that I'll be fine when wearing them and that I can handle the heel, and I'm always wrong. But they're sooo pretty.  
Here's my short, curly hair cooperating.
Halloween with short, curly hair. I was the element earth, if you were wondering.
I had just been to Galaxyland. I wasn't feeling too hot.
This is a longer bob. For a time, I thought I wanted to grow my hair out.
Turns out I didn't actually want to grow my hair out. Cut it right off again. So much for that.
Also, so much for nursing. Pff. But here I am in my nurse get-up for clinical.
The "Eyelash Photo Shoot" with the lovely Amanda. My hair was a short bob at this time, and we just parted the bangs and tucked it all behind my ears.
Hansel, so hot right now.
Choppier bob. Looks like you got cut out of this roomie photo, Amanda. Sucks for you.
The "Vampire Photo Shoot" with Amanda. A choppier, shorter bob.
And again.
Hansel, so hot right now.
Moving away from the bob a little bit to just a choppy, side swept sort of thing.
Longer bob.
Longer bob.
Moving towards a pixie-ish cut.
When I had my engagement pictures taken, I was growing my hair out from a pixie cut to be able to have it back to my signature bob for my wedding. It was just an in-between haircut, but I actually really liked it!
Taken by the wonderful Rhonda.
More engagement.
More engagement.
More engagement.
And here is the wedding hair. Back to a bob.
Wedding pictures also done by the wonderful Rhonda.
Pretty soon after the wedding, I chopped my hair off to a short and spiky pixie. I had been growing my hair out for a good while for the wedding and then just impulsively chopped it all off. Some of you may recall me initially hating it, but I ended up liking it.
Captioning and Court Reporting graduation. I had had food poisoning and had gone to the emergency room in an ambulance the day before this. So I'm a little out of it here.
This is my hair grown out a bit from the pixie cut. 
Summer of 2011. Growing my hair out. I consistently braided my bangs to get them out of my face during this time.
By the end of the summer, I went back to a short bob.
I believe this was in November when my parents came to visit. Growing out the short bob. Again, resorting to the French braid to keep my bangs out of my face.

So there you have it. A rather extensive timeline of my hair. You can also see the fluctuation in my weight. Lovely. Now I will show you my current hairstyle. The inspiration was this: 

Rachel McAdams in the vow (saw it opening day with Eric. We enjoyed it immensely. Good choice of name for the leading lady too). It's a longer bob. I took this exact picture in to a hair salon a couple weeks ago and was, and continue to be, unimpressed with it.

I have taken some pictures of my hair this very day so that you can see it for yourselves: 

So this is where we are at right now. Not bad but not great and certainly not the same as my typical cute, little bob. I have been growing it out lately in the hopes of getting it really, really long. It seemed like the thing to do with the endless pictures on Pinterest of braids and flowing curls, but here's the thing, I don't know that I really care about all that. If short hair is what suits me, then I should just carry on with short hair.

There are some things I miss about long hair, but I just don't know if I'm ready for long hair! At least with short hair I'm forced to do it. With long hair it's all too tempting to just throw it into a ponytail, which is what I did basically every day that I had long hair.

My current hair inspiration is Ginnifer Goodwin. She is fantastic, adorable, and I love her. She has inspired quite a few haircuts of mine. Eric and I have been watching Once Upon a Time with Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White. I am LOVING it! I'm sure this surprises no one that knows me very well. I am kind of a Disney aficionado. Yay fairy tales!

Anyway, I absolutely love how Ginnifer Goodwin looks in this show. 

GAH! Too cute!
Ginnifer Goodwin Actress Ginnifer Goodwin of the television show "Once Upon A Time" speaks during the Disney ABC Television Group portion of the 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 7, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.
Sigh. So cute.
Ach! I love her! She's so stinkin' cute! And I love how she went from being kind of a frumpy background character in Mona Lisa Smile to having leading-lady roles!

But I want to hear what all of you think. In the end, I may disregard it all and do my own thing anyway, but I'm still interested to hear what everyone thinks about the different haircuts, what looks good on me, and what I should do now. And no copping out. You can't just say, "Oh, anything looks good on you, Paige." Well, duh. Of course it does! It's me (such modesty)!

Should I continue growing my hair out in an attempt to have long, flowing locks? Should I keep the signature bob that is shorter than what I have now? Should I go shorter like Ginnifer Goodwin? Other suggestions?
Let me know what you think. If you don't give me the answers I want, I'll only hate you a little bit. :)


  1. Do not cut it short. You look like a boy in your engagement pictures. And so does snow white whoever she is. Blah.
    Now that I said that I am sure you will run right out and chop it all off.
    I love my hair long, even if it does end up in a ponytail 95% of the time. So many options with long hair.
    I vote for the bob.

  2. Ok- here is the gospel truth- I went through these pictures about 4 times and every time I got to the one where you have your first bob- it's like some kind of magic- your entire face changes. For some reason -it is just suited to you and your face shape. Your eyes look enormous. I would agree with Whitney- there are way more options with longer hair. I am not loving the stringy sides in the front view to this new cut BUT the sides and back look great. I can't believe it's this long!!!I vote 20's bob too!!!

  3. long long long!!!!!!! but honestly, i do love the hair right now. i like how it's longer and still in your bob. i loved your hair in the first picture wavy and long. very pretty :) grow it out long and have it like that for a bit. then you can decide if you want to cut it.
    i also love the hair you want to be. that was super cute and it would definitely look good on you. whatever man. maybe i'm telling you to go long because i love long wavy hair.. just fun!

    how helpful am i? haha go long! but wait, go short! zero help, amanda. haha
    -i still really like it how it is right now. in between :)

  4. haha ok and this is amanda, not kylie. if you couldn't tell by the way i said 'zero help, amanda' oops! :P

  5. ok kylie votes to keep it this length! if you are wanting a little change try a deeper A-line, and throw some layers in it.

    also, (this is amanda still) i do think you look similar to julie andrews. the hair draws the connection in for sure:)

  6. Alright, I have scanned the pictures multiple times now and thought long and hard and I vote: you with your short hair. Specifically your first bob. Your Mom is right, it totally suits you! Since I'm in the hideous process of growing my hair out and doubting every single day if it is really worth it, I say keep chopping it, because we all know you work that short hair like millions cannot! Also, thank you for that shout out. We had such the good times parked in front of that tv creating that hair.

  7. I love your short hair!! you are so super cute!! i loved your wedding picture hair! and i LOVE that goodwin girls hair i think it would look fantastic on you!! just sayin.

  8. Keep it short! I understand your dilemma...I've been through it! I think you get lost with long hair - short hair brings out all your best features. Loved the Goodwin girl's hair - tempted myself now!
    And yes, I can see a resemblance.

  9. You look best in pixe cut, the one you got just after your marriage. Just keep them very short on the sides and at the back. Dont ever go for bob because that looks worst on you. Keep the length as short as possible. I think you must give a shot to buzz cut once. Believe me you would still look awesome. But no long hair for you.

  10. These people are wrong. All these short haircuts look amazing on you. You have a gorgeous face that pulls them ALL off. The long hair was nice, but it wasn't amazing or jaw dropping (in a good way) at all.

    You don't look like a boy. You look good.