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February 28, 2012


Thank you very much, loyal fans, for your input regarding my hair. You're right, Whitney, I was tempted to go chop it all off. But I resisted, and I'm glad I did. I have resolved to grow it out. Sigh.

I received varying responses regarding my hair. Some people said I should grow it long to see how I like it, adding that there are a lot more options with long hair than there are with short hair. Some people said stay short and that the Ginnifer Goodwin haircut would look good on me. The most resounding response, however, was that my classic bob is best for me. I completely agree that my bob is indeed my signature look, but I need to change it up every now and then. 

So here is what I think the plan is going to be: I will grow my hair out to see how I like it long. I feel that I have a better handle on how to do hair now, and I won't just always end up throwing it into a ponytail. Plus, with all the hair tutorials on the internet I should be able to figure some things out, right?

As I do love short hair and feel it is more "me," I am sure I will eventually go back to short hair. If I still want to try the Ginnifer Goodwin hair out at that time, I would probably do that and then eventually grow it back to my bob for a good while. 

So hopefully my decision pleases everyone. Those who wanted me to try long will get it, those who wanted short will eventually get short again, and those who wanted the bob, do not you worry, it will be back one day.

And I can't promise that I won't get sick of long hair and impulsively cut it all off...

And while I'm making references to Disney girls and their hair, let me add that I am incredibly excited for Pixar's Brave, and I love Merida's hair!

Here are two trailers that are out right now for Brave. Can't wait!


  1. why don't you do the signature bob right now/.... Cause you're growing it out more? Is that what I got from that.

  2. Correct, that is what you got from that. I'm trying to grow it quite long. If I were to cut it to my regular bob now, I'd actually be cutting off a lot of hair. Kind of counterintuitive, don't you think?