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January 09, 2012


It's been a good while since I've posted on my blog. To be fair, starting in November I became insanely busy with work, and this lasted until I went on my three-week Christmas holiday to good ol' Raymond. Since I'm back in Vancouver and work hasn't picked back up yet and probably won't for awhile, I figured I had no excuse to let my blog absence continue.

Plus, Eric is watching The Bachelor. Yes, Eric is the one in this family that watches The Bachelor because he's awesome like that, but I can't watch a full episode of this show without wanting to bash my brains out. So I usually find something to busy myself with whenever we watch The Bachelor. Oh boy, Eric and I do love trashy TV. But it's okay because it gives me on opportunity to blog!

Besides being really busy with work, I think my initial blogs were a little lengthy and scared me off. So from now on, I'm thinking shorter but more frequent blogs...we'll see how that goes. 

At the risk of producing said lengthy-type blog post, suffice it to say that Christmas break was phenomenal. Eric and I spent copious amounts of time playing with family and friends, and we were wonderfully lazy. I earned it, darn it! We even had little Abbotsford (Abby) with us because how could we not have our little family together on Christmas? She did spectacularly travelling on the plane with us, being the little trooper that she is. 

Eric and I already miss Alberta and all the wonders that she holds within her. It's nice to be back "home," but Alberta will definitely always be our home-home. We'll be back one day, ol' Berta!

How about some pictures of the last little while?

Abby sometimes likes to get into silly places.

Abby sometimes likes to be adorable.

This is the view from one of the rooms where I work, and this is when Occupy Vancouver stopped by. What a silly phase.

Cut your hair and get a job, you lousy hippies!

My pa being a poser in Vancouver.

View of the docks by Stanley Park.

Walking to Stanley Park.
 So one Friday night, Eric and I stayed up really late because it was Saturday the next day, and we would get to sleep in.

So one Saturday morning after having stayed up very late the night before, Eric and I were awoken very early by a loud ruckus, which included the droning of bagpipes. I stumbled out to find out what was going on.

A parade!? Why the heck is there a parade? And it is, of course, right outside my place of residence. My sleepy brain tried to put all of the information it had together. "Oh," it said, "it's Thanksgiving. Of course.

"No," my brain realized, "It's American thanksgiving! And that was two days ago!" Whatever the occasion was, I had the profound need to find my camera to take pictures of the pipers for Mom! I must find my camera! Mom loves the pipers! She'll want pictures of the pipers! Because, you know, she's never seen that before or anything.

I scrambled around, half dressed and blurry eyed, trying desperately to locate my camera. I yelled frantically to Eric, accusing him of putting it somewhere. What if the parade ends before I find my camera!

After a good while of me stumbling around, Eric got out of bed, enlightened me as to the reason of the parade (the Grey Cup), and instantly found my camera, which was right in front of my face. Oh... How was I to know it was the parade for the Grey Cup? Canadian football is just pretend football.

But don't worry. I got pictures of the parade. Unfortunately, because I had the whole camera-finding issue, I didn't get a good picture of the cool three-piece Canadian flag. You can put the next six pictures together, though, and try to imagine how cool it was.

It almost makes one full picture, wouldn't you say?

With Vancouver's poor rioting record, I thought dragging a dummy of the opposing team behind a car wasn't the most logical choice, but the Vancouverites seemed to behave themselves.

Yup, seems to be the Grey Cup parade. 

Look at all those suckers lined up on the street in the rain. I got to sit on my balcony in my pajamas. 

Pipers! Just for you, Mom.

Downtown Vancouver in the fall.
The birds like to sit up here to drink and to bathe. Tuppence a bag.

Anytime is a good time for old-fashioned bicycles.

More pipers! There were lots of piping bands.

My neighbor having a look. Note my comfy pajamas.

Silly springy people.
 And that was the parade! And then I napped.

One of the better franchise faces I've ever seen.

It was good, but not Red Robin good. But what is?

Speaking of Red Robin, here Eric and I are at Red Robin for his birthday! 

S'more cookies. Most excellent.

Eric approves.

Little Abbotsford!

Abby likes to keep me company while I get ready in the morning. That sink is one of her favorite places. 

Sweetest little thing there is.

Napping over Christmas break.

Aw, cuddles.

 Christmas morning in our family is kind of a crazy, free for all, frenzy! There really isn't too much time for pictures, but I managed to get a few.
Here's Brad opening his present from Eric and me. Roman and Finn got matching abominable snowmen pajamas on Christmas Eve. This resulted in Roman stomping around chuckling abominable snowman anytime he wore them.

Little Os-car Racer!

Brad is incredibly excited about opening his present from Eric and me. Note Finn's amazing, homemade, Buzz Lightyear wings. Whitney's remarkably crafty. This Christmas was a blur of Buzz Lightyear and Ben 10.

Brad was a little confused and grossed out by our present.
Behold! Brad's Christmas present!
A giant gummy worm. Eric and I had always wanted to give someone this for a present because it is just absurdly funny. Brad likes fishing. We linked the worm in with a second gift of fishing lures. Done.
Silly Mattie. She's sadly sniffing the wrapping paper that had housed beef jerky. Yes, she has creepy alien eyes. 
 My family likes to cross country ski. When Eric came down to Southern Alberta for the first time, my mom, Eric, and I went to Waterton to ski. You may remember the pictures from my Facebook albums. I'll sum it up for you: Eric fell. A lot. Laughs were had.

The next year, Eric and I came down for Christmas, and Mom, Dad, Eric, and I were all set up to go cross country skiing. However, we got to Waterton and all the shoes that would fit my itty bitty feet had been rented already. There were some old school shoes left that I could barely squish my feet into. So we took those and headed up to the ski site. We got there, got all ready, and realized that my shoes didn't have the right mechanism for my skis. Blast!

Well, that ended that endeavor. We went down to the Lodge and had lunch early. Still a fun day, but somewhat disappointing.

But hip hip hooray, we got to go over Christmas break! It was a beautiful day, was so much fun, and Eric didn't fall once! ...I may have...just teeny tiny fall.
Eric and Dad.


Enjoying the scenery and the smell. Mmm.


The slowpokes in the back.

Catching up.

Aw, young love.

Someone had decorated a tree with Christmas ornaments!

Momma and me by the Christmas tree.

And again.

Well, that wasn't the shortest post ever, but I never have been very good at moderation.


  1. a most excellent post, Paigie poop! Thank heaven someone thinks to take pictures Christmas morning!!!Picture taking, as you know, has NEVER been my strong suit. Thanks you for the piper pictures. Miss you guys! Is Alberta calling you back, poop? Oh wait the poop part is probably Finn- he likes to say poop for some reason.

  2. you guys are cute! we had a cat that used to sleep in our sink. funny and gross at the same time.

  3. I think you should turn the water on in that bathroom sink.
    I'll have to see what pictures I have of you two on my cameras from Christmas and send them your way.

  4. You should probably just blog every day. That would make me well pleased. Oh and your cat is a cute one. And a parade right outside your house...well I think I'm moving to Vancouver! Or wherever it is you live?

  5. firstly. i read it as soon as you posted it! secondly. i LOVE it. i love your kitty, i love your house, i love the massive gummy worm you guys gave brad. hilarious! i want one. i also want to give someone one. THIRDLY! i miss you. i should come visit your beautiful home. :D

  6. Thanks, guys. Feelin' the love. :)

  7. Ok, so I think I saw that you had blogged and thought that I would read it later and then forgot somehow (horror!!!) until now. Love it! I love lots and lots of pictures in blogs. I too am jealous that you got to watch a parade in your most comfy jammies on your balcony. Did you make those smores cookies? If you did, you absolutely must send me the recipe. They look spectacularly delicious!!! I am sad that we didn't get to play while you were here for Christmas. Hopefully next time you are here. Or maybe I will be able to come visit you there sometime :)