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October 14, 2011


See. I told you I'd have blog droughts for nigh on a fortnight. I kept putting off blogging because there was lots to say, and then there just kept being MORE things to say. Vicious cycle. And then when I had all of this stuff to say, I started getting really busy with work. So I'm going to start dishing out subjects:


After my first week of work, it got much better! My first job had been way too fast with hard words. My jobs the second week were slower and easy car accident ones. Car accident examinations are easy because there are similar words and phrases in all of them: scene of the accident, before the accident, after the accident, intersection, skid marks, etc... This makes a court reporter's life much easier. However, since I started working, I have had a lot of car accident examinations, and driving does not sound like a viable option anymore. No siree. No life-long injuries for me. Or no lying about life-long long injuries in lawsuits for me.

I also got my first paycheck. Oh, that's a good feeling. It was for my first week when I only did one job, which didn't order, and then two no-shows, and it was even impressive for that amount of work. My last three weeks have been way more impressive. I've had lots of jobs and lots of them have ordered transcripts, which bumps my pay up considerably. My next paycheck is going to be beautiful.


Eric and I got a kitten! No, it's not Annie. Eric and I were done dealing with the SPCA and their shenanigans. If we'd stuck with them, we wouldn't have gotten Annie until the end of October. I was done waiting for a kitten. So we adopted Abby the tabby on September 29th through a kijijiji...ji...ji ad. Take that SPCA.

We love our little Abby. She goes through spurts of being the sweetest little angel, cuddling with us, doing cute little kitten meows, following us around, and then she turns into a little demon, tearing around the apartment, running from couch to couch, clawing up our pants. Ah, kittens. So glorious. Eric and I have kitten scratches all over us. Delightful, little demon.

At night, she has taken to cuddling up by our feet under the blankets. I have never had a cat that likes to go under the blankets. She gets under and tickles our legs and feet with her whiskers. Sometimes she'll venture upwards, though, and sleep in between us by our heads.

I had hoped to upload a video or two of the kitten being hilarious, but I think I'm going to need to download a converter for my videos to be able to upload them to my blog. A picture will have to do for now.
Here's the adorable little demon cuddling by Eric's shoulder in bed.


October 9th was mine and Eric's one year anniversary! Hurray! The 9th was a Sunday. So Eric and I did our anniversary playing on the Saturday. We got all dolled up and went to a French restaurant called Le Crocodile. It had gotten really good reviews, was fancy shmancy, and was right across the street from us. So we'd wanted to go for awhile, but thought we should wait until it was a special occasion.

It was amazing. So freaking amazing! I want to go back. I'm almost certain they put something addictive in their food. It's called butter. Oh, man. Just thinking about it now is making me want to run over there. The service was impeccable. It was one of those places where you take a sip of your water, and then someone is there to pour you more water.

Eric ordered pumpkin bacon soup for an appetizer, and I ordered escargot. If you haven't tried escargot because you're being all squeamish about the fact that you're eating snails, get over it because escargot is amazing. If you haven't tried escargot because you're a vegetarian, pff, lame. If you haven't tried escargot because you live in the sticks where there are no fancy French restaurants, fair, but you should try to get out to a French restaurant with escargot.

I've decided to take a page out of *Hyperbole and a Half's book and illustrate my blog with my own amazing and superb drawings. You will be impressed. Here is my diagram of  escargot:

The escargot at Le Crocodile was the best I've had thus far. They had little pastry shells with them, which I'd never had before. It was phenomenal. I think my drawing sums it up quite nicely. Eric's pumpkin bacon soup (isn't that such an awe-inspiring combo) was really good too. I think I liked it better than Eric did.

Before they brought us our appetizers, though, they brought us complimentary duck foie gras tarts. Now, Eric and I watch a silly amount of (a) TV, but also (b) the food network. On the food network, we've seen much praising and drooling over foie gras. What's the big deal? It's freaking duck liver! Right? WRONG! This tart was like taking a bite of heaven. Literally!

For our entrees, Eric got prime rib with a fancy sauce, and I got veal cheeks with pappardelle pasta ("Huh?" "They're really big noodles"). Eric's prime rib was amauzing (do you watch Happy Endings? Well, if you don't, you should, and then you will get my reference here). Beef cheeks are a recent discovery for me, and they are fantastic. Such tender meat. And throw in the innocence factor of veal? Winner! *vegetarians vomit in rage*

We were pretty stuffed while eating our entrees, but we really wanted to have dessert. So we decided to not try to finish our entrees, and we'd just have them for dinner on Sunday. For dessert, we had profiteroles ("Huh?" "fancy cream puffs") filled with ice cream and topped with hot Belgian chocolate. The chocolate was drizzled on top of the profiteroles when they brought it out to us. It was such rich, rich chocolate. By the end of our meal, I was ready to sprawl out on my bench seat and have a nap. Luckily, we only had to walk across the street for me to get into my comfy clothes and out of my ridiculously high heels.

So besides that, I am continuing to get more and more work (oi!), and Eric is still looking for work (oi!). Come on people! Use your connections and get him a job!
"Can we STOP this CRUEL GAME! And allow the boy to keep one shred of dignity! I can't stand to see him in all this pain!" - Herlihy Boy

*Also, I mentioned Hyperbole and a Half earlier. Her blog is hilarious, and I highly recommend it.

And that's some of what's been going on here!

Eric and I hanging out in Stanley Park. Note: I photo shopped this picture to make us prettier than we actually are.


  1. I think I want to throw up now after hearing about your dinner.
    I'm very amused that you find your cat cute when she is being a devil. You silly cat lovers confuse me. You really let her sleep by you, what about all that nasty cat hair!? Glad work is good. I'll probably just have you get Roman jeans closer to Christmasso you can just bring them home instead of mailing them. Did you do the anniversary picture?

  2. I WANT FRENCH FUD!!!!!!you have to teach me how to draw! I have always wanted to illustrate my point! That picture of you and Eric is a great one. Where is Stanley park? I want to come to your house. Tell Eric to just get mad and keep at it and the job shall appear. Don't give up. Dang maybe he should just work at that french restaurant in some capacity and learn how to cook snails for me and you. love your blog!!!

  3. HA love happy endings!! i am jealous of your french dining. we went to a french restaurant on our honeymoon and i dream about it frequently. aaaaah so divine! also cute picture...that is all.

  4. YAY!!! Paige-ness always makes me smile. I haven't ever had French food ... but I don't think we have any here so I will use that excuse.

    Your kitten is very cute. By the way, did you try uploading your video to You Tube and then putting it on your blog? That's what I have to do with mine, 'cuz they never upload through blogger's uploader.

    I also love your drawerings. Which program did you use? I don't think that I could draw as fabulously as you or your mom or the Hyperbole and a Half girl (who I am very sad has not updated her blog in like FOREVER by the way *sniff, sniff, tear*).

    And of course you two are just as pretty as you look in that picture. Pictures don't lie. :)

  5. The entire best part of the post is those drawings :) Happy anniversary :)