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September 10, 2011

Start a Blog? Sure, Why Not!

Now that Eric and I have moved to Vancouver, I figured that starting a blog seemed like the thing to do to keep everyone informed on how we're doing. Plus, I've been really bad at documenting mine and Eric's lives together thus far, whether through diary writing or picture taking. I am hoping that having a blog will motivate/inspire me to do more of that. I guess we'll see how that goes. Knowing me, and I know me quite well, there will probably be times where I'll blog three times in one day and then times where I'll have a blog drought for nigh on a fortnight. There is also the problem of Eric and I being exceptionally boring individuals. While we are quite content with this fact, it may make for some boring or nonexistent subjects to blog on. This being the case, I foresee many of my blog posts being random nonsense, but it will be the most interesting random nonsense you've ever seen! So you'll read it and like it!

Also, I am apparently a five-year old child who finds too much writing in blogs without pictures to be humdrum. So I will try to add at least some pictures to my posts; but like I said, I am awful at taking pictures. So I don't have much of a selection to choose from. Here are some recent ones, though:

Montana's wedding. Matchy hair!

Reading The Help at Lake 5 in the trailer (I don't actually cheer for the Buffalo Sabres. That's just one of my many trash shirts). 

Quit buggin', Eric.
Mine and Eric's first trip to Vancouver. Looking out at our new home. You're jealous.

Random, ginormous, sun tanning chairs. Not sure what the No Love graffiti is all about. Also, check out the 8-bit whale in the background and the wedding photo shoot taking place.

Olympic cauldron.

WILD BLACKBERRIES! They apparently grow like weeds on the coast. I am pretty excited, as you can see. 

Jumping up to nab the ripe ones.

Far as the eye can see.

Sitting in front of the art museum before my job interview. Good face, Eric.

All growed up and going to get me a career!

Fancy fountain. Fancy Paige.

So bright!

Waiting for Bye Bye Birdie to start in Stanley Park.

Fireworks at the Celebration of Lights!


  1. you are adorable. and i love the fireworks sound effects :)

  2. dang it- your blog is just a baby brand new and already better than mine! I hate being computer illiterate!

  3. Thanks, Jennie :)
    And pff! As if, Mom. I have no idea what I'm doing and still have to figure out lots of kinks in my blog.

  4. so awesome! I am very jealous of all the fun things you've already seen in Vancouver. And you do look very fancy and grown up in those job interview pictures :) And really, if I, who is the very most boring person on the planet, can have a blog then you definitely can!