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September 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My goodness, my blog was very well received! Who knew I was so awesome? I mean, I did, but who else knew? I can now see (1) why people blog -- blabbing about yourself, awesome, and receiving a myriad of compliments for blabbing about yourself, awesome -- and (2) why blogging is so addictive -- there are so many things to tinker with on a blog, and I could blab about myself for hours! So let's blab. 

Eric and I have been moved in to our new apartment since September 1st, and we are pretty fond of the new place. Eric is currently applying for HR positions, and I'm trying to get everything lined up to start work at Charest Reporting, which is a five minute walk away from the apartment -- fantastic. I can see the building from our apartment it's so close. 

I would have been able to start work by now, but I need to get a designation to be able to report in BC. This should have been a simple enough task, but when I set out to get it done, the government lady took off on a two-week vacation. Lovely. Then when she got back, she sent it to Raymond, but it didn't get there before Eric and I drove off to Vancouver. When it did finally get to Raymond, my parents were down at Lake 5 in Montana. They mailed it to me a little while ago, but the mail is taking for freaking ever! So hopefully it will be here tomorrow and I can get working right away. Eric and I are starting to be pretty destitute and need funds! "People! We need your money!" - Spanky, Little Rascals.

Since we don't have too much moola right now we haven't gone out much. Not that too much will change when we do have money seeing as how we're lazy bums. But we have a pretty decent gym in our building that we've been going to (put on too many summer pounds). So we're not being complete slobs. See! See! Not complete slobs! We're not allowed to be unfit slobs in Vancouver. I think you probably are fined in Vancouver if you don't do yoga or some other similar activity. And don't get me started on the obsessive compulsive recycling habits of Vancouver folk. 

So church here is...different. Not in a bad way, just very different. It'll be a good experience, but I do sit and chuckle to myself about some of the quirks of my new ward as opposed to Raymond or Edmonton wards (not that they aren't without their quirks!). The most amusing to me so far is that both of the weeks we've gone to church, Eric has had to do a mad grab to get the sacrament for us. I think that both the first week and the second week we were sitting by either recent converts or investigators, and so I don't think they really knew the formula of sacrament. The first week it was a woman, and after she had taken the bread and Eric had taken the bread, she went to hand the tray back to the deacon. Wait for me! Eric had to lunge forward and hold the tray down so I could get my piece, which was ginormous! When the water came around, we had wised up. She went to take the tray away again before I could get my water, but Eric latched on so I could get mine.

Today, we were sitting by a young man who didn't seem to know he should grab the trays and pass 'em on down. So the deacon had to lean over so Eric and I could get our bread and our water. When the young man took the drink of water, he put his cup back into the little cup holes, not the disposal area. Chuckle. Oh, mercy. Then when there was a musical number by the missionaries, this young man started lightly clapping at the end, then says to Eric and I, "That was really good." Can't say I haven't almost started clapping after a musical number, forgetting where I am. Then at the end of sacrament, I was saying the prayer, so I stood up to get out of the pew to walk up to the front, and I noticed it looked like the young man was sleeping, so I tapped on his knee so I could get by...nothing. So I basically had to crawl over him to get out and up to the front. And I'm pretty sure a man in Sunday school just made up a word today to sound scholarly. Church has been great. Something fun and exciting always awaits us there. Super nice people too. 

It's been so hot here so far! We were expecting it to be nice, cool, rainy, foggy weather, but it's been ridiculously hot and so moist! At least our apartment is staying decently cool. Our Edmonton apartment was awful for staying cool.

Well, how about some pictures of the new apartment, huh? I thought I'd put pictures up of our Edmonton apartment first so that we can compare the two.

We really enjoyed being on the first floor and not having to use an elevator, but our patio was in no way secure, and there was no view to speak of.
The bathroom spray's fallen brother in the trash there.
Our bathroom was huge! Way bigger than it needed to be.
So was our bedroom.
Trying to get the games down was always a treacherous task.
After having in-suite laundry, there was no way we could settle for any less. Mmm, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
I haven't wanted to commit yet to where I'm putting stuff on the walls. So they are bare for now. This apartment is smaller than the Edmonton one by a tiny bit, but we feel the space is utilized better. 

In-suite laundry! Yeah, baby!

That door to the left is a den that will be my work office. The room has all the runoff of unpacking, though, so you don't get to see it yet. That's the hall closet on the right and the bedroom door up further on the right. The in-suite laundry is to the left before the den door.

We were pretty stoked that the whole apartment is either tile or laminate.
Those are our build-a-bears that we did for Eric's birthday one year. Mine is the brown bear and Eric's is the polar bear.

WALK-IN CLOSET! So nice. And it leads to the bathroom which is also an amazing feature.
Much less treacherous area for the games. It's a wider closet so they haven't had to be stacked as high.

The bathroom is a lot smaller than the Edmonton bathroom, but it gets the job done.

That's our beautiful, new TV. Eric's dad was amazing enough to help us with the funds to get it after our old TV broke during the move here. That stand is our current solution to needing a TV stand. It's an Ikea kitchen thing. I think it works just fine. And that's the women's American Open final. Serena's about to lose.
The chair looks so pensive and lonely out there on the balcony.

Check out our impressive spice collection there. You're pretty impressed, aren't you.

Chicken soup cooking in the crockpot. Yum.

Our cute, little table for two. It has leaves on both sides to make a BIG table!

I love having enough room to put my piano out in the living room area instead of in the bedroom like in Edmonton. I'd always forget about playing piano in Edmonton because I never went into the bedroom until it was time to go to bed. Then I'd want to play it at very unreasonable hours when I should have been going to bed instead.

Our apartment is basically as smack dab in the middle of downtown as you could be. So we have a pretty phenomenal view.
This is in the morning. Pretty mountains.

There was apparently a marathon or something going on this particular morning. It was very early and there were loud speakers.
I was not impressed.


The Sears and the Chapters there are where some of the Vancouver rioting happened. Had we been here then, we would have had a  bird's eye view!

On the upper-left corner of the intersection there is a two-level IGA. It's amazing to have it so close.

Japadog! Japadog has hot dogs with crazy Japanese toppings, or so is my understanding. We haven't tried it yet, but we definitely want to. Also, biking seems like a much more feasible option here as compared to Edmonton. Biking in Edmonton seemed like a terrifying endeavor.

This odd little area is called Robson Square. I have often seen people break dancing in those glass dome areas. Eric and I are very confused and intrigued by this area and plan to do some exploring.

Art gallery.

Where I'll be working.
Night time.This is much more impressive in person.

Oi, that was a behemoth of a post! You'd all better enjoy it, dang it!


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  2. ooooops- I accidentally removed my first comment- I said I liked all the black with the wood! and you guys did an amazing job of getting the place spiffed up . It looks awesome- get some stuff on the walls and you are set! Lot's of room for meeee!

  3. Your tv looks like it will fall off at any moment. Or roll away on that silly cart. Remedy that will you. Place looks good.
    How close are you to an H&M? Roman is wearing floods right now.

  4. so fun. that is a gorgeous view!! you never even need to leave your apartment!

  5. Thanks, Momma. I'm glad you approve.
    TV is well secured, Whit. We are literally 8 minutes from a mall with an H&M. We are also by Robson Street which is a big shopping area. It's basically a mall that spans four or five blocks with more room than mall stores would have. How do you like them apples?
    Jennie -- we rarely do :)

  6. I love your place! I am most definately going to come visit you at some point! And oh man I laughed at your chruch stories! Too funny